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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dracula's Lair Gothic Building

Hello Everyone, I was inspired to create just one more house to prepare for this years sales show.  It started off as a Gothic Church and then I found a doll figure that looked sort of like a young Dracula which inspired me to create Dracula's Lair Gothic Building. 
I at first didn't like all the moss I added to the outside of the building in which I was trying to give it a 300 year old Gothic Style Look.   But it started to grow on me and I am liking it more and more.  
Plus, I found a use for all the wood coffins I made years ago which were a blast to make and learn to sew such tiny silk lining liners for each coffin.  I wanted to give the house a sort of creepy vibe but not over do it and make it to scary or morbid for those people who are a little offended or put off by scary death stuff.  Which is my goal one day to do a murder house and not care what others think of what I created, since I look at how I finish the inside as Artwork.  I am starting to really like working with making the plaster windows that I designed out of cardboard and clay and then made a mold and then I use those mold and fill with plaster to make each window.  It saves a ton of money plus I have one of a kind windows.  Which took me about 3 days of pouring plaster into lots of molds to make all the architectural details.  Then I spent about 3 hours the other night making and printing all the pictures then cutting them out and gluing them onto cardstock and then mod pod gluing them and cutting out again to make all the artwork for cheap for the walls.  In this building the artwork represents Dracula's Family Photos.  LOL.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired.
I hope you all are safe and sound and healthy from this Corona Virus going around.  This is my second week of self isolation at home and I am beginning to get a little cabin fever.  I hope I get inspired to keep busy.  Big Hugs to Everyone.  Have a wonderful month.  Stan


  1. Es maravillosa,tanto por dentro como por fuera!!

  2. ¡Wooo,un trabajo espectacular! fantástico

  3. Wow! Lots of great macabre details and another great project. I enjoyed all of your work on the caskets, and placing some in the in rafters was a great touch.

  4. Suitably SPOOKY everywhere you look and the sinister rogue's gallery of ( previous victim's?) lining all the walls along with the creepy coffins front and center, adds HEAPS to the sinister subplot- Vedy Vedy Scary, Stan AND Excellent work!