Monday, October 16, 2017

Witches Cottage

I just finished my newest creation the "Witches Cottage"  I wanted to create something a little different since most pictures you see on Pinterest show miniature witches houses or haunted houses are painted black, and I wanted to create something with color and a little haunted looking.  There is a ton of paper mache I used to create the walls and took over a week to dry to start working on the house.  I also had used paper clay to create the old tree stumps around the house to try to give it a more friendly old creepy look.  I also included a picture below of the pile of 490 popsicle sticks I spent many hours cutting each end to line the roof and walls and floors of the cottage, with many more blisters even using gloves, but its worth it to be able to create an inexspensive building material to use on the interior.  Plus I had lots of fun creating the stucco fireplace and oven in the cottage, which took me a day alone to figure out how to make it large but not to large and old and looking like a witch might be cooking from it.  I'm not totally sure if its a good witch or a bad witch that lives in the cottage but its a witch that loves baking and eating lots of sweets which are laying all around the cottage.  I also had fun creating the creepy little side table with the skull under glass.  Mabey the skull is a protection skull for a good witch or an evil skull from a bad witch.  I hope you all enjoy the newest project I created this month and I hope everyone has a beautiful October.  Hugs... Stan

So many hours cutting the popsicle sticks but it can be very relaxing.  

The house in the step before I painted it in which I think it took me 2 days to decide what color to paint it.  I'm glad I didn't paint it black like most people do to represent a witches cottage and to be more unique.