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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Halloween House

Hi Everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful September and are doing well during this challenging time of staying at home more due to the Corona Virus.  I recently was inspired to create a Halloween House.  I spent about 20 days out of the past 25 days working on creating this new Halloween House.  I think I have spent more time creating this house than any other house in more than 50 hours of work.  I made myself a goal to only work on it after house hold chores, work and errands were done and not to rush myself.  Which at times I would find that I would have worked 7 hours standing and it only felt like a couple of hours since I was having so much fun creating it.  I also spent more time finishing the interior than it took me to build the whole building.  But I did put together all of the plastic furniture models throughout the house, plus creating all the miniature carved pumpkins which was my first time I have every tried to make them.  Plus, painting lots of old furniture black to give the interior lots of spooky old look.  I also spent a day creating all the artwork on the walls out of pictures I found online and printed out and cut and folded for quick and inexpensive artwork for the house.  Plus, my first attempt at making a Halloween Tree for the living room with lots of $ store items and beads and an inexpensive light string and some printed ornaments i found and cut out for the tree.   I think the interior has a witches cottage look and partial Adams family look in the attic.  I hope you enjoy and it inspires you.  Have a wonderful month.