Monday, June 10, 2019

Fantasy Mountain House

Hi Everyone, I hope you have all been having a wonderful month.  I just finished my latest project which was inspired  by a picture of a fantasy type painted house on a mountain side.  I was inspired to try to create my own version of the house.  I guess that I am calling it the Fantasy Mountain House.  Its made with heavy duty cardboard for the siding and some trim and interior wall trim and shingles, then my concoction of paper pulp clay mixture I used to create the rocky mountain sides.

 I had it all completed last week with the final coat of yellow and white paint which took about 3coats to cover the cardboard even though I pre sprayed everything with a poly spray the cardboard sucked up the paint.  Funny but sad thing was that I wanted to add some moss all over the house right when the house was done being painted and almost perfect.  So I am up late at night thinking ill just hurry and add the glue and moss all over the house.  
When I am done the moss and glue had moved and ran all over the house, which caused me to be very upset with my mistake and to try to add some green paint to cover the areas it didn't look right where the glue and moss ran.  CAUSING  A HUGE UGLE GREEN MOSSY  HOUSE up close it was horrible and I was mad at myself for trying to add the moss and age it.  I kept thinking I will not add moss to a house again and I wanted to throw the house away- (see pictures below).  I then stared at it for a day and then decided to spend 1 hours scraping off the thick glue/moss with knifes and a Dremel brush and repainting more coats of paint.  
Then the house was so ruined since you could see every blemish under the new 10th layer of paint that I decided I might as well AGE THE HOUSE AND SCRAPE THE NEW PAINT OFF and make it look like it was the way I wanted the house to look originally, with the aged look and peeling paint.  LOL. omg I will remember not to work when I am tired late at night and to remember not to add to much glue and moss.  I think the final process turned out pretty good.  I did really enjoy making the side of the mountains with a thick layer of my paper pulp clay mixture and I think my painting technique on the rock wall looks pretty good.  I admit I am not a good painter and I forget my techniques I do to create a certain look.  I have more hours in this house than I do in 2 to 3 of my houses, which is why I usually don't work to much on trying to make a house from a picture and it is much quicker from my imagination.  But I never know what inspires me to create a house and when inspiration hits even in a picture and I have to create it I have got to try.  I hope all of you have a truly wonderful month.  

This is right when I just finished the 3rd layer of yellow and white paint and the house was almost perfect, before I decided to add the moss and technically thought I had ruined it. 

Me trying to create windows from old wood and old windows from and old doll house with some wood decorations on top from Hobby Lobby and 4 coats of paint since the wood kept sucking in all the paint. I even pre sprayed the wood with sealer.  MMMMMM. 

This is the point when I almost wanted to cry when I realized that I added to much moss and the glue had ran and moss went everywhere and I tried to add green paint to fill in the areas where the moss didn't look right where it ran.  

The moss in areas was about 1/4 to 1/8 inches thick and took so much time to cut and scrape and grind off with the Dremel.  Live and learn.  

The process when I keep looking at the picture of the house I printed out to see how close it matches what I am building.  

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Psycho House

Happy April Everyone,
 I just wanted to share my newest house I tried to create "The Psycho House".  I have been intrigued for a long time to try and create it from the inspiration picture I found online.  Its completely made out of 100 percent cardboard.  It took me 2 weeks to create it from scratch and putting in twice the hours I usually do to create it than most of my house take to make.  I had started to build the windows last year and had made them and then lost my inspiration to create the house.  Then I looked in the craft closet and saw the windows I had created out of cardboard and decided it was time to try and build it.  Funny thing is that right at the point I had finished building the house and I was going to start painting it, I was looking at the inspiration picture and realized I messed up the structure of the building and the front part of the house was supposed to be taller than the back part of the house.  But it was to late at that point to redo the roof and walls.  So I am pretending it was an intentional thing to create it this way.  But I am glad that I didn't make it any taller it is one of my largest houses I have created which I do try to keep at a certain size and it stayed within my tallest limits I set for building a house.  I think it turned out pretty cool and hope you like and it inspires you to create.  I included some of the pictures of my house in black and white since it gave it a more eerie look. Have a wonderful month. Stan