Monday, June 20, 2016

Water Mill House

Hi Everyone!  I was inspired to build one more house for the upcoming miniature sales show in September.  I cant believe how quick I built this house which took about 7 days. I was inspired by a Mini Motor I found in my piles of crafting stuff that I tore apart from an old Christmas Figure that was animated which lead to think I gotta build this motor into a mini house of some type.  Which lead to the water mill house and some pictures I researched online for inspiration on water mill houses.
 I do apologize for not taking to many pictures of the step by steps I do, but I was in a miniature building zone of not wanting to stop building this house.  I spent about 6 to 7 hours per day working on this house which is made from lots and lots of paper clay, cardboard for the shingles and wood structure.  The door took me at least 3 hours to try and build and teach myself how to make my own durable hinges for the doors. 
Im not the best painter and do almost dread painting since it took me as long to paint the house as it did to build it.  Have a Wonderful Month Everyone!  Stan