Tuesday, October 8, 2013

 Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a new project that I am working on this past month.  When I went to Idaho for my camping vacation I stopped to see the Old Victorian House my twin sister had just bought, which I found 4 pictures on my phone this past month and Thought- I should build a little replica of her Victorian House to give to her for a Christmas Gift.  So This is my version of her house.   I still need to add the window glass, but I'm thinking about using white stain glass paint so you can see through the windows and putting a light inside to shine out the windows, then Maybe covering it with some snow to hide imperfections on my roof.  I hope my sister Penny and her Husband likes it when I'm done. 

 I finally found a wood with lines to put on the roof that looks alot like the tin roof on the house.  I am even trying to reproduce the electrical boxes and pipes on the back side of the house. 

 I even recreated the mail box by the front screen door.

 Making the Shingles about killed me to try to fit them into roughly the scale of the pictures.  It took 5,800 cuts to make all the shingles that lay on the side of the house.  I cut them out of thick paper and then glued them onto thick paper to give them the depth of the other wood I glued on the house.  10 Hours just to cut the shingles in the lines I spent at least 2 hours pre drawing. 

 I couldn't find wood siding that was exactly precise to the original house, so my siding has 7 more to 5 more lines of siding, but i could not find any closer wood siding to match. 

 This is how I started my project, sitting on my couch while i try to draw the dimensions of the house on to poster board, lots and lots of redoing each line to make look like the picture.  Once I was done with drawing the house, I cut out the poster board with an Razor blade and hot glued it together to give the house its basic shape.  The house is only about 1 foot x 11 inches for the main part of the house.