Saturday, June 16, 2018

Little Old Blue Victorian House

Hi everyone, I again was inspired this week to create just one more miniature house.  I found an architectural picture of house that I found last Friday and thought I so want to try to create something like it out of cardboard.  I'm going through a cardboard faze and loving working with it as my building material.  But then I went camping for the weekend and started working on it Sunday night when I came back from camping.  It took me roughly 5 days to complete, which I never really stopped working on it.  I work on it while cooking, cleaning, watching movies etc,, its an addiction.  I also lucked out since the weekend before the Denver Miniature Museum had its annual yard sale which I found the windows and doors at, and when I was looking at the inspiration picture, I thought oh my....I think what I just bought at the yard sale will work perfect to try to create this house.  Its not an exact match to the picture, but I do like to do my own version and add different details.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures and it inspires.  Have a Wonderful Month.  Stan

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

White Cottage and Teaching Myself How to Create Furniture

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my latest little house I'm calling the White Cottage which I completed in about 5 days and over 30 hours of work.  Its made out of heavy duty cardboard and I was inspired again when I should be taking a break from creating, but once again I thought I cant sit still I have to create something.  Plus a couple weeks before I tried my hand at making some wing back chairs.  I was inspired by a white wing back chair that is pictured below.  So I made a rough pattern from it and did my best to teach myself how to create my own chairs, plus attended 1 couch, which was my first attempt.  I think I enjoyed making them even though I think I can build a house quicker than I can build a chair lol.... but I am always in a hurry, and was able to create a chair in about  1 1/2 hours.  Not to bad, if I would dedicate more time I think I could get better.  But I'm not sure if I'm a furniture builder, it wasn't as fun as creating a house.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures.. Have a Wondeful Month.  Stan.

The white chair was the inspiration chair I thought I would attempt to create.  The floral chair is the first attempt, which I had a hard time on the arms and it turned out more of a fantasy looking cottage chair.  The checkered chair was my second attempt.  

This floral chair was my third attempt which I really liked the line. and I simplified the arms. The chair on the far left which is below which was the hardest since I used an old curtain for material and the material was 3 times as thick, which was way to hard to glue and shape.  
This was the hardest attempt since I used to heavy of material.  I had no legs around so I found some beads and glued together.  

My first attempt at making a couch that matched the lines of the wing back chair.  Its far from perfect, but I have adjusted the pattern I made, but now out of energy and inspiration to create another one.  At least I know I can always build my own furniture to furnish my houses I build if I ever need to.