Sunday, January 15, 2017

Merchantile Store and Gas Pump

Hi everyone, I had spent almost 4 months not building any miniature houses to take a break, but I was going crazy from boredom and was inspired by the picture on the right to build my own Mercantile Store.  I created the house out of a ton of cardboard and paperclay for all the bricks, lots of popsicle sticks for the porch floors and interior floors and match sticks for all the railing spindles.  I think one of my favorite things to create was the vintage gas pump out front of the building, which I scoured my junk drawers and boxes to find small pieces that might all go together to create the gas pump.  I just wanted to share my latest project to hopefully inspire others.  I did get to inspired building this house I again forgot to take a lot of step by step pictures. Have a wonderful month everyone!  Stan 

The only picture I found that inspired me to create the building from. 

The house painted brown base color before I paint on the crackle paint, and then the white paint on top of the crackle paint once its dry, then I wipe on and smear it with a watered down brown paint to give it a dirty aged look.

all the little pieces I found to create the gas pump from.  Then painted red, printed up some small gas station signs to glue on and then aged with some brown paint.