Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Adobe Mexican Restaurant

 Hi Everyone, I hope you all are having a great March.  I just recently finished my first adobe house I have ever tried to create.  It started out in my mind that it would be a house, but then turned into a Mexican Restaurant.  I was inspired by a friends miniature adobe room box she had on display in her house and thought " I so wanna try to build that"  Well I guess most adobe houses are made out of the white Styrofoam boards about 1/2 in thick, but I so do not like all the little white particles that it creates and static cling effect they cause.  So I went to Home Depot and in their insulation section, I found the purple insulation foam board.  I quickly realized that Hot  Glue will melt the foam.  So trying to find something to glue the insulation foam together was a learning process.  I ended up using bathroom caulking, and screws just for security of making sure the house would not come apart.  Plus a Huge learning process of how much work it is to Plaster the walls and to be able to get them smooth.  I quickly found out that the perfect little adobe house that I was inspired by that my friend Kit made was not going to happen for me.  But I do like my old dilapidated looking building so that's how my little adobe style Mexican Restaurant turned out. I think my favorite thing I did on this building was spending a day creating all the little plants and palm trees!   I hope you all enjoy.  Have a wonderful April everyone!  Stan

I spent one day alone just create the miniature Mexican style tiles, then one long evening gluing each tile down. My tiles are not completely straight by any means.  I was watching a couple of movies while tiling and was a little distracted, plus the tiles themselves were not all perfect for a perfect fit.  But I so wanted to create my own floors and not buy them. 

The little attic bedroom above the restaurant.

I almost stopped working on this project at this point, since the plaster I laid all over the building took me so many many hours to sand as smooth as I could get.