Thursday, July 26, 2018

Country Church

 Hi Everyone, I was inspired yet again of an old miniature church that I found a picture of on the internet and just had to create my version of it.  I call it the "Country Church"  I did reverse the side the steeple is on and added a window and made it my own.  I swore to myself I was going to take a break from creating new houses since I already had plenty of houses built to take the the Denver Miniature Show here in September.  But I tried for one month to relax and took a trip to Idaho to see family, but came back bored and started to repaint rooms in my house just from boredom..  So I thought why not build something to keep my OCD ENERGY busy...  I have no idea why I am so drawn to create churches, since this is my 3rd one I have created.  Something does intrigue me about old country churches though.  It took a ton of cutting cardboard strips and a ton of glue and about 4 1/2 days to complete it with around 35 hours of work.  I was so enthralled into building it i couldn't stop and worked on it late into the night, and in-between cooking and cleaning at the house.  I also admit I dislike making my own furniture, but had to break down to create some church pews and a podium for the interior of the church to fit the scale of the church to look appropriate.  But I do admit I really like creating the mini books in which it took me about an hour to create the miniature bibles to put in the church.  Its so fun and relaxing for me to make them.  Since my craft room is now full of miniature house for the sales show I was able to turn the family room coffee table into my craft area and do one of my other favorite hobbies of  watching a ton of movies while creating this house.  
I hope you all enjoy and have a beautiful month.  Stan