Monday, August 24, 2015

Spooky Abandoned House!  Hi Everyone it has been a Very Busy August.  I have Completed 5 Different types of Miniature Houses this month.  I just couldn't stop building Miniature Houses this month.  I have been having a medical condition in which I am in severe pain from a tear in my colon-TMI--But all the pain and Vicodin and Dilotid cant help, but since I cant stand for long or sit for very long, I found I can sit on the edge of the couch and hunch over like the Hunch Back of Notre Dam for comfort.  So since I sit like this almost all day what better to keep my mind off the pain then build lots of miniature houses at my coffee table while watching movies.  I started with just wanting to build one more house for the Miniature Sales Show next month, but it lead me to make the Small Glass Dome Cottage, the 2 Mountain Cottage Houses, the Box Room which are posted below this post.  I still cant believe I Completed 5 houses in a months time.  It was like I was Possessed by the Miniature Muse.  This House had a lot of new techniques I decided to experiment with.  My main reason was I was on a very, very low budget of almost no money to create these houses.  So I dug through my closets full of scrap materials and found lots of old windows and wood strip pieces I had left from old projects.  I had also bought a couple old doll houses from and auctions that had furniture and old electrical lights.  So I dismantled the electrical and redid the wiring to create electrical systems for all 5 houses.  This house I used my aging technique in which I use Denatured Alcohol mixed with Black Indian Ink and painted over surface to give it an old aged look.  Plus I think I was also inspired to create more houses in hopes of being able to sale them at the show for more money so I will be able to make more houses.  I do sort of rush through the interiors of the home and exteriors, this in part is so I can keep the prices on my houses very low.  The more time I spend on the houses the more money I would need to charge, but knowing me I would charge the same and make less money.  Since when I see the people at the show, I just want them to be inspired by my houses and want them to be able to afford them.  I so Hope you like this house and the 4 other house project listed below.
P.S. A magazine from Canada saw my Blog Site here and loved the houses.  They are going to have an article on one of my houses in their November edition.  Its the Cottage House I made on Consignment.  I am  So Excited to get one of my houses in a magazine........I will try to post when the article comes out.  Have a Wonderful Month Everyone! 

I so enjoyed putting together a miniature flower arrangement which lead me to making some more in the Box Scene house I did below. 

I had so much fun spending 7 hours cutting popsicle sticks and creating the floors and walls of this house.  I tried to give the upper walls a Ship Lathe look.  I enjoyed it because my daughter Crystal sat on the couch beside me while we watched movies and pieces of popsicle sticks Flew across the room as I cut all them pieces... Yes my living room had thousands of pieces of wood all over.  But like I believe its also my house and I will clean up the mess, that's why I have Dark Brown Shag Carpet it hides all messes or paint spills and still looks good.  I would love to have my own craft room, but My Whole House is my craft area.  Plus I truly love watching movies in my living room on the large TV and I would have to have the same in a craft room. 

Just finished gluing down all the popsicle sticks. 

This was my first attempt to try something different on this house to create the stones on the edges of the house.  I mixed up my paper clay and then pushed it onto a square stick, then I scored it and then took off each one and placed on a cookie sheet and then baked in the oven till dried.  I then took out the Electric Sander and sanded each piece to give it a smooth stone look. Then I glued each piece onto the house. 

Mountain Cottage 1 of 2.  Here is One of Two of the Mountain Cottages I completed in a weeks time.  I used a variety of left over scrap wood pieces and old windows left over from other projects.  The second Mountain Cottage was just posted below this post.  I had so much fun doing the landscaping and exterior and even the interior of these 2 cottage houses.  I am on a budget this month and no money to really put into houses.  But I am also wanting to build a lot of houses to try and sell at the Miniature Sales Show here in Denver next month.  This is my Moms favorite house.  So if it doesn't sale at the sales show I will give it to her for a Christmas Gift this year. 

This is my favorite view on the outside of the house.  I again made paper clay boulders for the landscaping which I think look pretty realistic.  I had a blast carving the stones for the exterior of the house. 

On both houses I did paint them with a really watered down brown paint which is almost like staining the wood.  Then I age them with my aging technique were I use Denatured Alcohol mixed with Black Indian Ink and paint on the house giving it an old aged look.   

The closest shrub is one I created from a Dollar Store Christmas Tree I bought during the holidays then sprayed it with glue and dipped in green landscaping flock to give it a more realistic look.  The other shrubs were from the model train store. 

The 2 Mountain House together as I build them together.