Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Brick Cafe Building

 Here is the 3rd house that I finished this past month.  I was inspired by a picture i found online and had to try to create a building something like it. I am calling this one the Brick Cafe Building.  I couldn't think of a good name for it.   The past month has wore me out creating the past three houses but when creativity strike I have to create.  I was before in a rush to create houses for the upcoming Fall Sales Show, but just realized I have 16 houses to take to the show this year, so i can take it easy and not work so hard creating them.  But if inspiration does strike I probably will make one or two more so i can have a variety on supply.  This one is one of my newest favorite buildings, with lots of paper mache to create all the bricks and i had a blast digging through my junk drawers to create the electric pole and the lighted signs.  I think i spend more time creating all the little details like the electric pole and floor tiles and signs than it takes me to create the houses.  But i love trying to create something from junk.  I hope you all enjoy and it brings inspiration to create.  Have a wonderful week.  Stan

Stone Cottage

 Here is the 2nd little house that I created this past month that I am calling the Stone Cottage.  I had lots of inspiration that i just had to keep creating houses.  This one was lots of fun and made out of lots of paper mache for the stones and cardboard for the shingles.  I just wanted to hurry and upload these photos to show you before i forget to do so.