Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy April Everyone!  Its been a busy productive 2 weeks in which I just finished another travel trailer for the Miniature Sales Show in September.  I'm calling it the Bronco Football Party Travel Trailer.  I had lots of fun and struggles in creating some new items to add to the trailer.  I made my first chairs, bronco party chairs, lots of party banners, some new magazines and chips in the bowl.  I hope you like my newest creation.  

The hub caps I made out of thin metal, and a metal washer which I compressed the thin metal around the metal washer to make the hubcaps.

Again I had to add the Idaho License Plate since I grew up in Idaho.

I made my second miniature battery which I think looks pretty good for being about the size of a quarter.  The football party flags, I found pictures on the internet and shrank them to size and cut out and glued onto string. 

I'm not sure if I will make more cardboard boxes though.  It took me forever to draw a pattern and cut them out. 

I spent almost 1 day alone just cutting out all the miniature posters and football banners, not counting all the time I spent hunting down football pictures I liked on the internet to use. 

I really liked the Potato Chips I created on the plates.  Guess what they are!!!  I went to the spice cupboard and they are the white flakes in the Red Pepper Spice Jar.  If you order Pizza and they deliver you the crushed red pepper packets-save them to make chips out of. 

Building the inside of the trailer took me a couple of days since it took me awhile to make each section removable from the trailer.  So the kitchen cupboards, material and benches, bathroom and bed are able to be removed. 

Above the bedroom view, I just noticed in this picture I forgot to do touch up paint. 

Very hard to get a good picture of the bathroom. 

Very Tiny Bathroom.  Not the fanciest bathroom since I had to hand make the bathtub, sink and faucet.  The sink I made out of a Jelly Packet that I brought home from the restaurant, the little packets they keep on the table at most restaurants especially for breakfast.


The little chairs are not the best, but it was my first time making them and they are really small.  I also made the little car magazine, tin foil and saran wrap and chips.