Monday, May 28, 2012

I finally found time to work on a new miniature house.
This is how I would image a mouse living in a clock.  It would collect many items to survive a cold winter.

I went to the thrift store last weekend and found this clock.  The pendulum didn't work when I brought it home.  Then I was inspired and thought it would make a perfect Mouses House.  I only took me 3 night after work to complete.  I just added some wood plank flooring and some electrical lights and filled it with lots of stuff.    I don't know if ill be able to build anything this next month, since I will be planning my annual Rock Hunting Camping Trip to Idaho to see my family at the end of June.  But you just never know with my OCD when Ill be inspired to work on a new Miniature.  Have a Wonderful Month Everyone!

It has the little coal stove to cook and heat the mouses house, plus the veggies the mouse is growing.

The mouse is setting the table, preparing for company.

This is the mouses craft / storage room.

One of my favorite things is this little match stick house on the left.

Its hard to see the sewing machine in the back.

There is a ladder in the back to lead to the clock area, were there is an imaginary bedroom.

My office at work, with lots of paperwork to complete.  My new Mouse House Clock is off to the right, so I can be inspired to thing of many more Miniatures I can create.
I made a little progress on the house after work this past week.  I added plants and flowers around the house.  I decided the People I was making to go into the house will have to wait to be finished for awhile.  I started another Mouse House Project this past week.  Ill post pictures next.  For now this house is completed.   Im sorry for all the pictures I just posted.  I just wanted to show you a little of my life, add all the other projects ive completed in the past month, and how busy it can become at home and working 2 jobs. 

I just had to show you my Birthday Tattoo I got last month.  I was just trying to butch up a little.  It was 3 hours of pain, that I didnt remember with my last tattoos over 3 years ago. 

Its a gorilla with tribal symbols. 
Mothers Day weekend was also a very busy weekend.  I was having a dinner party on Saturday when I decided I wanted to use the leftover paint and flooring from when I redid my master bathroom and redid my bathroom down stairs.  I started pounding out the old floor tile, repainted the walls, built a frame around the mirror, put in new wood flooring, new wood floor molding and wall molding, and painted the light oak cabinet white.  My OCD is going crazy, this is what happens when I haven't worked on a miniature project in weeks.

I just wanted to show off the two flower arrangements I made for the two disabled gentlemen I take care of, so they can give to their mothers tomorrow.  Nothing like redoing a bathroom and making flower arrangements, and cooking dinner for the dinner party.  No wonder Ive been sick with a major cold, my body is exhausted.

What a month.  We had to repaint our house since the Community Covenant requested all houses to be painted.  We chose a light yellow the lightest color the Covenant allowed on their darn paint chips.  Next time we will hire it done.  We are tired, but it only took us 2 days, but the sides of the house were so tall a 30 foot ladder wouldnt reach so we had to rent a large electric lift to be able to finish one side of the house. 





Before, Not to mention the darn wind that kept blowing all the paper and tape off the house,  next time we will hire it done.

The huge electric lift we had to rent.
Sorry its been awhile since I posted last.  We finally finished building the new Gazebo in the back yard.