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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Country Church for my Sister

Hi Everyone, I was going to take a break for the rest of the year on making houses and prepare for this years miniature sales show if it still happens in September because of the Corona Virus issues.
Plus, being at home over 3 months taking care of the 2 developmentally disabled gentlemen that I take care that live with us I have had a lack of inspiration to create.   It could be because of the isolation and not getting out enough socialization.  But I was finally approved to take a vacation to go see my mom in Nevada and also see other family members who live there.  This got me inspired to create a country church which one of my sisters has been wanting one.  But every church I have made in the past have sold quickly at the miniature shows.  So I thought I would create a church just for her and her husband to surprise them with a gift.  They are very involved in their church and I thought I have just got to hurry and create a church.  So 7 days and 45 hours later it is completed.  I made the steeple or bell tower removable-see in picture below, just incase they ever wanted to turn it into a house.  Again its made with paper mache I turned into clay to make the bricks and lots of cardboard to create the shingles and trim work inside, and lots of popsicle sticks for the floor.
I am not a church going person so this is my version of what I think a country church would look like.
I so hope she and her husband likes it when I surprise them with it next month.
I hope you enjoy and it inspires you to create.
Have a wonderful month. 

I made the bell tower or steeple removable just incase it where to ever be turned into a house.


  1. Stan: I cannot believe the texture and realism you are able to achieve with papier mache! The bricks and shingles are incredible. I also love all of those little pews you made - even including the little "pocket" on the back of each to hold the hymn books. Your sister is going to love this so much - even more so with it coming from such a talented and generous brother. Cheers! - Marilyn D.

  2. Estoy segura de que le va a gustar a tu hermana y a su marido. Es un detalle precioso. Me encanta la fachada!!

  3. You have TOTALLY captured the Spirit of a country church both inside and out- BRAVO STAN!
    I'm 100% sure that your sister will LOVE IT as much as I do! :D

  4. Stan, I've been admiring your work for months. Great job! I just love the crackle finish.

    How much does the church weigh? I'm just curious because it looks so real.