Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chateau Blue

 Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share my latest Cardboard House I just finished creating. I'm calling it " Chateau Blue"  I was inspired by the picture on the right that another wonderful miniature artist created.  I loved the shape of the house and had to try to re create it but add my own style and touch of creativity to it.  The inspiration house is probably about 3 times smaller than the one I created.  I started by trying to draw out the basic shape of the inspiration house onto poster board and using old windows I had been saving from an old doll house that I dismantled years ago. I spent about 10 days and around 50 hours of work to create this house.  So many hours cutting lots and lots of cardboard strips and found out the cardboard strips I use suck in paint even with built in primer and it took 4 coats of paint to get it painted which wore me out.  Lesson learned, that before I paint to spray it with a matte spray to stop the paint from soaking into the cardboard to make painting easier next time.  I became almost addicted to building this one and would try and stop and think oh... I can hurry and work on this or that, then I would try to go and rest and then be up late at night working on a new idea I had to try to create something on the house.  At the last minute I decided to add the window planter boxes to give the exterior more of a unique look.  I was not trying to copy the artist wonderful work, but to try and get the basic shape but with my own unique style of home.  I truly feel this is one of my newest favorite houses that I have created.  I hope everyone has a wonderful month.  Stan.