Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Mini Mansion Project that I have been working on for my office at work, I hope it will fit on my desk.  I have been working on this and my Gnome House at the same time.  I wanted to do something more formal for my office.  I want to make a party scene.  I am making miniature people of all the people at my office, plus me.  See below for the miniature people I am making out of clay.  I dont have time this weekend to finish working on the people, I am in the backyard building the Gazebo to get ready for Summer!  I hope ya all like this new project, its the most formal thing i've completed yet.

I plan on adding all the people I work with standing around like they are at a party.

I still have alot of work to complete the deck area on top of the Mini Mansion.

I also will have people on the top like they are at a party.

This is supposed to be me out of clay!  Lots of work left to do, arms, legs, clothing, etc.  Im not very good with clay work, but I just keep trying and trying.  Because I am a smart ass, I will tell people who upset me at work that they are mini Voodoo Dolls :) 

This will be Ida, the Administrative Assistant.

This is my Boss, Adrianne.  I almost have her looking just like herself.

This is lovable Jennifer, who loves to wear hats.

This is my parter in crime, my co Program Quality Assurance Coordinator -Jamie who looks almost like herself.

This is one of the guys we support, Blair.

This will end up being the owner of the company Jayne.  I have many more people to make and to complete,  I believe 14 people that work just in our office.  Hopefully in the next month I'll be able to post more pictures of my completed work.  I hope ya like.
I had to just show off my new baby- the 2012 Chevy Camaro SS !  They had just washed her at the Dealership. 

Me getting ready to drive her home, at the end of a very long day of car shopping.  I have a pefect driving record and I never thought I would ever own a sports car.  But I love her, shes  very fast with 426 horse power, with automatic and stick shift, and on the Windshield display, you never have to look down at your gages.  I think I want to get persoanlized plates, some of my ideas are- OMGMOVE, XSSTASY, SMRT4SS-It says smart for my SS, (but means im a smart ass), REDDVL. 
I finally finished the Gnome Mushroom House!
I appologize for not getting anything posted in so long.  It has been a very busy month.  The weather here in Denver has been wonderful and like Summer Time.  My OCD got me involved in a variety of projects, in which I wanted to post updated pictures everyday.  But I was exhausted by the end of the day!  I jumped from working on the Mushroom House to working on a new House Display for my office at work.  I also ended up repainting my Master bedroom after I finished remodeling my Master bathroom.  Then I went car shopping one weekend and now I have a new Baby for my Garage, ive got to post pictures of my new Baby!  I do that next.  Plus this weekend we are building a Gazebo for the back patio area, thats why im blogging now, I dont want to go outside and start working, im exhausted.  I hope you like the pictures of what I completed on the new Gnome Mushroom House!  Thanks to all of you for the wonderful and inspirational comments on the miniatures I have been working on. 

I went to the $ STORE and found some wood place mats and I cut them up and used them for the flooring and walls, which I think was a very inexspensive way, and pretty good looking for this little Gnome House.

I stayed up till midnight last night taking pictures to post, and I noticed that I forgot to finish the bed and make a matress.  That will have to be a project to complete later. 

I think my favorite are the little clay mushrooms I made.