Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Decorating the House

Sorry that I havent published any new miniature pictures yet!  I spent the past 2 weekends decorating the house for the upcoming Holiday's  I love to have it completed by Thanksgiving so I can relax the whole holiday seasons.  I think im almost done, i decided this year i wont put a tree in every bedroom.  Im getting to tired to complete it all.  But i just wanted to show you what i have been doing the past couple of weeks and what ive done with wrapping garland around everything and stuffing the garland with $ store poinsettas, and trying to be creative on the cheap side.  I will hopefully get a chance this upcoming weekend to work on my newest miniature home.  In most of my miniatures i love adding Christmas Staff to the miniature homes, it all derives from my love of Christmas and sort of represents how i would decorate my home. Ill post progress on the miniature house soon.  Have a great month everyone!