Thursday, December 28, 2017

Winter Shack by the Bay

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  I almost completely forgot to post the pictures of my latest creation  "The Winter Shack by the Bay".  I was inspired by a picture I found online and had to create a little shack by the bay.  My phone wont transfer all of the pictures to the computer so I apologize I had lots more pictures of all the cardboard strips I cut to create the shack.  I also love winter and being in the holiday spirit I just had to create snow and cover the shack in it.  I had some fun and created a little Christmas Tree inside out of an old plastic plant I had found in a closet.  I hope you enjoy the newest project and maybe inspire you to create something.  Have a wonderful new year.  Stan

This was the point of no return when I decided to cover the house in snow.  Which I really liked the house before it had snow on it and all I could think is omg I'm so gonna ruin the house.  But once I was finished with the snow I loved it.  There is probably 6 bottles of elmers glue and ground up white Styrofoam.  There are some pictures further down of the shack before I put snow on it.