Wednesday, October 14, 2015

English Cottage October 2015

Hi Everyone, I just finished my newest consignment job-( The English Cottage ).  A wonderful lady from the Denver Miniature Museum hired me to re-create a miniature house I made a year ago.  But this house was to be bigger and she wanted to furnish it herself, but brought her favorite lights to incorporate into the house and a few pieces of furniture so I could build the house to the right scale.  I am usually very critical of my work on my miniature house, but this one I feel is my best work so far.  I taught myself some new techniques on making the slate tile roof and the stone and rocks around the house out of paper clay.  This one took 11 days and about 55 hours to complete.  I individually made each stone and rock around the house, which I have never done before.  Usually I carve the stones and rock out of the paper clay.  But I was trying to go for a more realistic look and did brick and mortar around the windows and doors and on the chimney.  I really love the way my Slate Tile Roof turned out making it out of Egg Cartons.  I still have blisters from many ours of tearing the egg cartons into little pieces.   Its actually killing me not to furnish it.  But I know she has a lot of incredible furniture and miniatures to put in this house.  I hope you like the pictures and I think I will take a month off on building miniature houses before my vacation at the end of next month.  But I am not sure since I have been dying to try to create a Modern Glass Miniature House.  Have a Wonderful Month Everyone!

Since I made the house bigger than the one I made last year, I am surprising her, since I was able to create more living space in the attic with a roof that opens and you cant tell there is an opening with the way I laid the slate tiles over the hinges and opening. 

I still love using popsicle sticks for the flooring.  It gives it a aged look like its a hundred year old cottage inside. 


Picture of what it looked like after applying each stone individually. 

This is how I tried laying the electric tape for the plug-ins.  I actually hard wire the plug-ins into the electrical tape since I am not a fan of the plug ins that press into the tape.  They can get you Swearing since they never hold good and when you unplug a lamp they can come out of the wall.  I want to create something that works better than what you can find in the miniature stores.  I usually glue down the wire from the plug ins I buy and nail them to the electrical tape, then cover them with the wood flooring.