Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

This is what ive been working on for the past month.  It still needs lots of things completed.  I actually had fun working on this one, since it inspired me to build a green house, it also inspired me to start making Veggies, and Flower in pots for the green house.  See below for my first attempt at making flowers and veggies in pots.  I send some more pictures next weekend hopefully, when i have finished the interior.

I still need to finish the interior, lots left to do. 



I forgot to take pictures of the work in progress on the green house.  I did make it all out of balsa wood. Once i built the frame of green house i painted it, and then added windows and moss.  I do want to try to make wood beams out of paperclay one day, since balsa wood can be so exspensive. 

I just made a card board base to attatch the paperclay mix to, then i used a fork to make the roof tectured.
The roof was so thick with paper clay that it also took a week to dry.  You live and you learn, next time ill cook this in the oven to speed up the process, since i get impatient to work on my projects.

I then added the moss around the house.

I then painted the stones.  I need to take a class on how to paint, to get a better stone look. I made the door and the window out of balsa wood also.

Then i filled in the wood with the paper clay, and then carved the stones into the clay on both sides.  This took almost 1 week to dry, i ended up putting it in the oven for about 5 hours on low to dry it faster at the end of the week so i could start building the house.

The beggining of the house, i did make out of balsa wood first.  I think i stared at this square box for a week before i knew what i wanted to build.

More veggies i dont know what i made, just more of me picking items off of different fake plants around the house.

My pot of Roses in yellow, I also made a pot of Red roses but the picture didnt download.

Im not sure what type of veggies these are supposed to be, but i was pulling plastic pieces off of all the fake plants around the house, and i liked the way they looked.  If you use your imagination i think they sort of look like mabey peppers or somethings. But they could be what ever someone wants them to be.
I did buy the miniature veggies and roses, but one day i want to teach myself how to make them.  I know how to make a mold with the two clays you mix together and then you put around the item you want to make a mold of, but i dont what kind of easy liquid i can use to pour into molds that set up quick. I just have to find time to search e-bay or somewhere for molds for sale.    I also want to learn how to mold items like this square pot, instead of me paying $2 a pot. 
My miniature carrots.
I started with putting paperclay inside the pot, then i added glue to the top area, then dipped it into fine gravel-dirt and then added the flowers and leaves. That was the only way i could think of to arange the flowers and have time to work while the paperclay and the glue took time to dry.

I really like this small one, the base is smaller than a dime.
My very first attempt at making miniature flowers in pots for the new Gnome Green House.

Me invading the back living room with all my craft boxes, working on creating my new gnome home.  I always have to be withing view of the TV, im addicted to movies.