Thursday, April 4, 2019

Psycho House

Happy April Everyone,
 I just wanted to share my newest house I tried to create "The Psycho House".  I have been intrigued for a long time to try and create it from the inspiration picture I found online.  Its completely made out of 100 percent cardboard.  It took me 2 weeks to create it from scratch and putting in twice the hours I usually do to create it than most of my house take to make.  I had started to build the windows last year and had made them and then lost my inspiration to create the house.  Then I looked in the craft closet and saw the windows I had created out of cardboard and decided it was time to try and build it.  Funny thing is that right at the point I had finished building the house and I was going to start painting it, I was looking at the inspiration picture and realized I messed up the structure of the building and the front part of the house was supposed to be taller than the back part of the house.  But it was to late at that point to redo the roof and walls.  So I am pretending it was an intentional thing to create it this way.  But I am glad that I didn't make it any taller it is one of my largest houses I have created which I do try to keep at a certain size and it stayed within my tallest limits I set for building a house.  I think it turned out pretty cool and hope you like and it inspires you to create.  I included some of the pictures of my house in black and white since it gave it a more eerie look. Have a wonderful month. Stan

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tree House

I Just wanted to share my latest project I call The Tree House.  It took me about two weeks to complete the house.  The tree took me as long to create as it usually does to create a house.  Since I work primarily with paper mache, it can be very tricky to work with and trying to sculp tree limbs with wet sticky thick paper mache that mooshes when you don't want it to moosh, and the drying which can take a week. So I had to create each branch separate and bake them in the oven to speed up drying time, then attach them to the metal wood center pole I created to support the house.  Then adding a ton more paper mache to the tree to combine all the branches I created.  I just wanted to share some of my latest work I have been creating.  Have a wonderful month everyone.  Stan