Friday, June 7, 2013

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful month.  I have been having a lack of creativity and have been really slow with completing this newest project.  I had an old fire engine truck that I dismantled and then built a Traveling Gypsy House  onto the old bed area.  I decided to keep the house red to keep with the old fire truck color.  I ended up using scrap plywood and cut out a couple of boxes to create the house.  I then added a lot of windows.  I still haven't found my muse on creating my next miniature house yet.  I think I really want to go back to making a paper house as I have before.  I hope to get inspired on my upcoming vacation to Idaho for my annual Rock Hunting Camping Trip to see my family. 

I sat watching movies while making the little pots with greenery coming out of them, which was very relaxing. 


I made a secret wall opening to access the interior of the house. 

I didn't over decorate the interior, since I am very very low on decorating and furniture pieces.  So I had a couple of chairs and a table that I spray painted red to keep a red theme inside also. 

There is a ladder going up to the bedroom area, but no bed yet.  I will have to make a bed to fit the room.  But not to inspired to make one.

I think I like the little wood burning stove area the most.  I added a lot of greenery around the window since I did not have a wood frame to hide were I cut the opening. The greenery does the job and looks more rusting I think.

The ladder hangs on the side of the wall where the wall opens, but it looks sort of good standing along side the house.