Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flintstone House Completed.  Hi Everyone, I finally got inspired to complete the Flintstone House I started many many months ago.  Once I was done building the house with all the paper clay it literally took a couple of months for the paper to dry.  This house I think is literally one of my favorite miniature houses.  I had to even create all the interior furniture, which was all made out of the paper clay.  I taught myself how to make a Fire Torch for the front porch which I think turned out pretty awesome.  I hope you all like how the Flintstone House turned out and may be inspired to create a miniature house.  Please see past post of how the Flintstone House was created from start to finish.  I hope you all have a fabulous week!  I am in the process of creating a few more houses within the next month to finish right before the Miniature Show in September.  I think this house will be a big hit at the Miniature Sales Show.  But I am considering about making the Flintstone Car to go along with the house.  But not sure if ill have time to make it before the show.  Big Hugs to Everyone!  Stan

I have a hard time taking pictures with my cell phone, but from this angle you can see the slope on the roof just like the picture I created the house from. 

I decided to add an outdoor fire pit to give the house some extra character.

The Trees I had a lot of fun making, I started with rolling up some card board to get a circular shape half the size I wanted the tree to be wide, then I added the paper clay around the tree and then made marks in the tree with a fork, then I baked it in the oven for many hours on low temperature.  Then I had an old plastic fake plant with wide leaves with metal centers and I proceeded to cut the leaves and bend them into the current shape, then I hot glued the leaves to the top of the tree that I had left a hole in the top before it was baked in the oven. 

I tried my best making some dinosaur eggs out of clay.  But I am very proud of how my interior furniture turned out I made out of the paper clay.  It took me a little time to try and make them look like stone furniture.

My friend Stephanie from Wyoming had made these awesome little food items such as the sub sandwich and banana's that I bought from her last year at the miniature show. 

I made the little wood club on the couch out of clay and the club on the upper wall above the door I carved out of wood. 

I am very proud of the little Flintstone TV I made.  It is too hard to see up close with the phone pictures.  But what I did was get a mini picture of the Flintstones and printed it out on clear plastic sheet and then cut out and taped onto thick plastic to fit the opening on the TV, then I put about 1/4 of an inch of Hot Glue on the back of that so you could not see the light behind the picture.  Its a little blurry up close but it was the best I could do to make the TV look realistic. 

I made the horns on the walls from 2 Christmas Reindeers I had and ripped off the horns that were brown and then I painted them white and dry brushed them with some grey to give them an aged look. 

I took ordinary doll house lamps and glued on animal print paper and then glued on some animal fur around them to give them a caveman look. 

This is the kitchen sink area I took a picture of outside of the house since I couldn't get a good picture of it inside the house.

This was my first attempt at making the TV insides in which I drew some caveman pictures, which I soon disliked and then had to spend an hour to tear the insides apart and redo with  a more realistic looking TV picture which I ended up putting the Flintstone Scene inside it. 

One step in the process of making the furniture.  In which I made each piece by hot gluing cardboard pieces together to make a basic shape of each piece of furniture, then I added paper clay all around the cardboard, then I baked them in the oven for 5 hours each day for 2 days  so they would take a month to dry out in the open like I would regularly do.  Then once the furniture was dry I spent many many hours sanding each piece with a large sander machine, in which I found out once the paper is dry its just like Cement and took forever to get a stone look.  But I'm so proud how the furniture turned out.