Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Castle in the Fall Time

 Hi everyone I forgot to post pictures of the Castle in the Fall Time I created at end of August f o r the Denver sales show in September.  I was inspired by a picture I found on facebook of an old castle looking house.  I don't hsve lots of pictures to post since my new computer won't connect properly to my cell phone to download photos...so I'm trying to load pics from my phone....  it's made with lots of paper clay....  have a wonderful month everyone...  OK time to take some time off building houses for awhile. Gotta build a new patio deck in backyard and remodel my kitchen I just did 6 years ago since I think it needs to be white cabinets now....I'll try to post pictures of my v real house improvements as I go before I start building mini houses agsin...I just have so much to get done....plus leaving on a 10 day Vacation to Puerto Rico and then a cruise to relax....big hugs!