Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi Everyone,  I got really bored waiting to go on vacation.  I started a new house project, made all out of wood.  See the pictures down below.  I started it like a stick frame house, and it even has wiring running through all the 2x4 frames.  I decided I wanted to build a very old house that is falling apart and abandoned.  I will eventually figure out how to leave a lot of the interior walls to were you can see the 2x4s and sheet rock falling off the walls, and hopefully old left behind furniture.  I just wanted to hurry and get you all some pictures posted before I leave on vacation tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy!  I cant wait to come back from vacation to finish this house, it has been really fun and a learning experience to try to make the paint look old.

This is like 5 coats of paint and sanding. 


Digging through my craft closets to find extra wood pieces to build the house with. 

This will eventually be the kitchen, I want to have some exposed water pipes and plumbing.