Monday, March 28, 2011

My new Gnomes House I started working on this weekend.  I will send more photos hopefully next week, when I have a chance to work on it again.

To help hid the frames of the windows and doors I decided to add some stones around them.

Ya hoo my Mushrooms look pretty good for my first ones.

I decided to take a nap after putting in the windows and the doors, and during my nap I had an idea, and decided I would add mushrooms to the side of the House. As you see I questimated where I would place them and hot glued on some more cardboard. I then added tinfoil to add bulk, so that the paper mache would dry and not be so thick.  Lets hope it turns out ok, this is my first attempt at making a Mushroom.

I decided to add a unusual fire place chimney, more cardboard and a hanger and tin foil.

I cut off the top for access into the Gnome Home.

Adding the windows and doors.

Cutting out the windows and doors.

I started the Gnome House with making a cardboard surface that I added paper mache to form.  I then let air dry overnight, and once dry I then remove the cardboard and start to build the home.

Monday, March 21, 2011

This is my first project made with paper clay.  I just discovered the miniature blog sites while browsing the Internet, and i ran across a blog with a miniature of Hagrids Hut from Harry Potter, the person said they spent about 2 years in building the home, i created this one in 3 weekends on my days off.  I don't have a long enough attention span to work on the same project for two years.  I have got to say i loved my first experience with paper clay, and i did the best i could making the interior, lights etc.  I had fun also making the veggies out of regular clay, and my little man eating plant in the front yard.  So this is my version of another persons version of Hagrids Hut.  I don't believe in perfection, and i do find myself rushing to get things done, i always believe an imperfection can be covered with paint or an item in front of the imperfection.
The back side of Hagrid's Hut.
The interior of Hagrid's Hut. 
I had a fun time creating the little man eating plant, and veggies.
This is the the begginning of my Gnomes Home, which i made out of cardboard, a wood box i found, and lots of paper mache and paper clay.  I get inspired by unusual items such as this round wood box i found in a thrift store.  I also found a lazy susan at the thrift store for the base of the home.
I started just adding cardboard by using hot glue and cutting cardboard the way i wanted the roof to go.  And of course i build everything on the kitchen counter, so i stand for many hours watching TV.
I just added paper mache to make my roofs, and used paper clay and formed the stones around the house, for my first time ever using either medium, it was a blast and i had alot of fun.  I ended up having my friend Jani paint wood glue to the cardboard as i applyed the paper mache since i had a huge mess everywhere.  I had a great time having a little help with this portion, which is unusual, i never ask for help.
My goal is the Gnome House to look like the Gnome built it from a tree stump or some weird tree that only grows in the land of Gnomes LOL.

My new Gnome Home

I just started working with paper clay, and loved it so much I thought I would build me a Gnome home out of paper mache, and paper clay.