Thursday, March 30, 2017

Graffiti Condemned City Building

Hi Everyone I just completed my latest project I'm calling Graffiti Condemned City Building which took me a lot longer than normal to build, plus I was also taking my time with trying to give it a more artistic look to it.  It was very challenging for me to try and cover up my brick work that I was very proud of with Graffiti, but I so wanted to give it that old city run down look.  I spent about a month creating this building and tried a different technique for my paperclay brick work that I used real grout in between all the joints, it was very very messy and time consuming, but I really like how the bricks turned out.  I made a mold out of an old window I found and created all the windows in this building out of plaster.  Plus the flooring I created all the large tiles from printing off the tiles, then gluing them to cardboard and mod pod them to the floors.  I also made a mold of an old fireplace and made the fireplaces out of plaster also.  I needed to be able to save some money on future building by making my own molds to create items for my houses.  I also found lots of art work pictures online I printed out and made into little pictures for the house using lots of match sticks and popsicle sticks for the frames and more match sticks for the ladder running up the side of the building.  I hope you all like my newest creation.  The way i have set up the bedroom area is that there is supposed to be a homeless person living on the third floor in the bedroom area, with the fireplace burning and food laying around and TV going.  Plus I also made the 2 trash cans in the front of the building out of old medication bottles.  Have a Wonderful Month!  Stan