Monday, August 30, 2021

" The Old Ladies" Willow & Rose- Gothic Houses

Hi Everyone I just finished creating the two house that I call " The Old Ladies " Willow & Rose "
I spent about 20 days building the Gothic style houses which I wanted to build almost mirror image of each other, but of course in my hurry I forgot to reverse the right wall on one of the houses.  So not a complete mirror image. They are made out of my favorite thing cardboard and lots of the 3D printings I printed and painted from architectural pieces to the furniture inside.  I still am learning to paint better which is not my favorite thing to do, is to paint.  It can be difficult to get plastic furniture to look more realistic painting it.  I lost count of the many hours it took over the 20 days to complete the houses.  But now I can take a break and relax I am now ready for the Denver Miniature Sales Show this coming month in September.
I did want to share a story a miniature friend wrote for me for these houses.  I loved it and I would love to have a story for all of my houses that I create.
Have a wonderful month everyone.  Big Hugs. Stan

                                                             “ The Old Ladies"

                                                               Willow & Rose

                                                               Gothic Houses

They're names are Willow and Rose, the Bennington twins! They were reared by their mother, Mary, who was widowed while the girls were still too young even to go to school. They have little memory of their father, other than photographs shown over and over by their mother. And, of course, Mother's incessant stories about him, she could go on for hours - and often did!

Mother never realized how clingy and frightened of the world she was after Father's passing. The girls every step-in life had to be choreographed by Mother, otherwise she feared she might lose them too. It was stifling, but they eventually understood the deep loss she felt, and why she held onto them so tightly. Neither sister ever married - no young man was good enough in Mother's eyes because none remotely compared to Father.

When Mother passed, the twins decided to sell the large rambling house they grew up in, along with most of the land. They used part of the considerable profits to build mirror image twin houses right next to one another.

They live separately, but share meals and visit with one another daily. They spend hours looking at photographs of Mother, Father, and a few of themselves. They remind each other of all the details in every story Mother ever told. And they are content, actually more than, to live out their lives just so. ❤



  1. Just amazing, love all the outside details like the fountain & lions.

  2. another great project(s) - So many details to explore and great photos! Thanks for the post.

  3. Hi what a lovely project well done and thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful pictures Truly inspiring well done keep safe regards Diva from Downunder

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    1. I have my email address at the top of the page to email me with questions and can call if needed.

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