Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Gnome Tree Stump House

 Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my latest creation.  I was gong to take a break from building more houses since the Denver Miniature Sales Show is in September, but I can never sit still.
I had just spent 3 weeks driving and touring 3 different states to try and find a future retirement house to buy, which will be a vacation home until were ready to retire.  But I came home so exhausted after all the hours on the road and looking at house I came home and even though I was exhausted I was inspired to create a Gnome Tree Stump House.  I just wanted to share the house I just completed last week which only took me about 7 days from start to finish.  .  It turned out pretty good for all the paper pulp I used to create the bark look on the house.  I think it will take about 3 more weeks to completely dry all the way through since it is from 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick in areas. I get so involved and carried away when I am creating I again forgot to take step by step pictures. I one day will hopefully see if someone could video me so I can show you how my fast crazy building process goes.
 I ended up finding pictures online to quickly turn into Gnome artwork around the house.  Its not perfect wood frames. But I work quickly to keep my prices down.  Plus most people re decorate the interiors anyway.  I hope it inspires.  Have a wonderful month.  Stan


  1. Another beautiful house, amazing how you made it so nice and fast! with good structure in the tree trunk and it can be open and you don't see anything in the trunk, great job!

  2. The treehouse truly is inspiring, Stan, and I can't wait to see the photo pictorial of your process!

  3. Preciosa casa para un ser mágico,muy inspiradora!