Saturday, April 29, 2017

Holland Windmill House

 Hi Everyone, This week i was inspired by a picture of a Holland Windmill House that I found a picture of from the internet, which i have the inspiration picture below.  I just had to try and create it.  I used a ton of paper mache and lots of thick cardboard strips i cut, along with lots and lots of glues.  I spent 1 whole day just trying to figure out how to create the windmill and the mechanical part of the windmill with searching the garage junk drawers and tool boxes for washers and nuts and etc.   I hope you all enjoy. In the process of cooking dinner and need to run.  Have a Wonderful Month!

The Inspiration Picture of the Holland Windmill House that inspired me to try and create a version of it. 


  1. brilliant make, you keep topping your best... and then this so much

  2. Your work is fantastic! This one is mind blowing, I love it!

  3. Another great project - Great technique on the exterior materials.

  4. it's a great windmill, I cant believe you just see a photo and make a building..good job :)


  5. You have such a Good eye for the extra details Stan, and I am ALWAYS Amazed by the character and personality which emanates from each of your Incredible builds.
    I find that your Windmill HOuse is utterly Charming, both inside and out and I can see myself curled up in that arm chair by the window and looking out towards the sea! :)


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