Monday, March 11, 2013

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all having a great month.  I have just completed my most current home which is a Trailer House.  I had many fond memories of Trailer Houses that I lived in when living in Nevada working at the Gold Mine as a miner.  I also had some fond memories in the 70s of my dad working on the hot water heater on the outside of a trailer house we lived in.  In this trailer house I tried to recreate the outside water heater and furnace I remember as a kid.  I remember my dad used to have to drain it to get out the hard water calcium build up which was almost a foot deep inside the tank, caused from the well water.  I lost most of the pictures I took with my cell phone and do not have a lot of pictures of my current project.  It has been a very busy month, shopping for a new Travel Trailer, painting the back living room, making lots of minis to sell at the upcoming convention this summer.  Plus pictured below are miniature items I have also been working on this month to sell at this years mini convention they include, mini Playboy & Playgirl magazines, Chip Bags, Ouija Board games. 
I really should do more to this house at this point but I really want to start my new mini Gnome House the kind that is build into the ground with a tree. 

I used a acrylic paint bottle which i cut the top off and turned it over and painted it white, added some legs and some metal looking piping and some drains made with tin pans.  

The little furnace I created out of a tin pan. 

I tried to go 70s retro with spray painting the appliances a 70s Green color.

I have a lot of fun making the wood paneling walls, which all I do is use a pen and draw a deep line in the wood and then watered down light brown paint, then a spray gloss over the top. 

This trailer reminds me of my first little trailer house I rented when I first graduated and moved away from home.  I hardly had any furniture but I was very proud of my first home.  I never thought I would own a large home like I do now.  I remember when I worked in Nevada as a Miner that there was no housing available and you would wait for Trailer Houses that came available to rent, and that a lot of them were horrible and unlivable and you would keep moving from one trailer to another to get a better home.  In a 7 year period I had moved into over 20 different trailers and finding one closer to work which was over an hour away from work in the middle of now where of Eureka Nevada. 

I made the trailer so it has all sides and the back side comes off for access inside the trailer. 

Yes the bedroom does not have a bed.  I have ran out of furniture for my homes and need to save and buy more furniture. 

I even made a little closet in the bedroom.  My goal is to make some sliding closet doors, but I will wait. 

This picture of the bedroom reminds me alot of a bedroom in a trailer house I once rented. 
My little retro bathroom which I used the standard kit bathroom, then cut the toilet tank in half to make it look like a real toilet and the claw foot tub I used the legs from it on the hot water heater and surrounded it with wood for the trailer house look. 

My first attempt to make a shower curtain.  I just painted my back living room in my home and i used some plastic from one of the drop cloths and a hanger for the rod. 

This is a picture of me just finishing the wood paneling and gluing them onto the sides.  The light in the front is now located in the hot water heater area. 

I decided to make some mini Playgirls to sell at this years mini convention. 

My little mass production of mini Playgirl magazines. 

I also started to make my own packages to package the minis I make to sell at this years convention. 

My mini Doritos. 

Me trying to mass produce my chip bags to sell at convention.
My mini Ouija Board Game.  I though there are a lot of people out there that might want to add something like this to their houses and you cant find them to buy them.  Ex specially since I see alot of people doing miniatures of spooky houses which they might want for their home. 

I had to share the pictures of the new color I painted the back living room.  This is the room I create all my houses and sit on the floor or on the couch when building the houses.  I wanted it bright and cheerful.  Since I build the new fire place surround around the plain gas fireplace and there was a lot of white, I thought a nice bright color would look good.  I like it but my honey think it looks like a Popsicle.  If i remember the paint color is called Citra by Behhr Paints. 

The boxes in the wall have been white for over 10 years since the house was built.  I love the green I painted just on the back part of the box.  It really looks great I think with the lights. 

There is my coffee table were I build all my houses and minis.


  1. This is awesome work on the trailer, well done! The whole interior is really back to the 70s :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. I love the trailer, it looks very comfortable to me!

  3. Hello Stan,
    I think what most impresses me about you is that you can make any period or style look incredibly realistic. Every detail feels just right. The furnace clsoet is wonderful.
    What fun minis for the show. I personally love the green you chose. It looks very fresh and makes your furniture and the rooms architectural details stick out.
    Great job.
    Big hug,

  4. This is such a Wonderfully original project!!! You have really captured he look and feel of the Trailer inside and out! I LOVE the water heater made from a paint bottle! You are so creative with the materials you use to make the minis that are hard to get commercially! I tried to leave a comment last night but Blogger was acting up... so I hope this one survives! Keep up the great work!

  5. Hola Stan, hoy he descubierto tu blog, no lo conocía, he estado viendo tus trabajos y son maravillosos. Tus trabajos parecen reales. Ya tienes una seguidora más. Te visitaré. Un abrazo, Arantza

  6. I love the little trailor, we lived in one while our house was being remodeled but it was very hot during the summer. I think the green was a bold choice in the family room..I was going to paint my living room green with an accent wall but Mr Stein wasn't having it.

    I hope you get your bed soon


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