Monday, February 18, 2013

Hi Everyone, I just spent 2 weeks on my newest house.  I call it the Abandoned Crack House.  I found some pictures on the Internet of this house which is shown below and I wanted to try to reproduce the house, but in my own version.  I used what ever windows I had on hand and did not try to match the windows.  But I think it looks alot like the house I copied it from.  This was one of my favorite house to build.  I spent alot of my time making the miniatures on the inside such as, the Mattress and bed and cabinet, mini Playboy Magazines, Food Packages, Potato Chip Bags, Mini Hot Plate, Newspapers, etc.  I really think this could be considered Americana Art.  I tried my hardest to take pictures with all the steps on how I made the items.  I hope you enjoy the work I have done.  I think I now want to build like an apartment over a business.  But I think I really want to make a Trailer House Next.  I hope you all like my newest Mini Abandoned Crack House.  Have a Wonderful Week Everyone!  I hope I might have inspired some creativity!

These 2 pictures I kept looking at on my cell phone to create my house from, which was sort of a pain trying to zoom in and out to build my house from.

This is my interior I completed. 

This is the picture of the interior i am trying to recreate. 
I loved seeing the pill bottles on the table which I try to recreate, which was a pain, but I tried as hard as I could.  See below for how I tried to make my own pill bottles.

I loved making the small little checks that are scattered on the table.  I really like the mini cream cheese box and food boxes I made.  They were so each, just find pictures on the Internet, reduce the picture, print them out on your computer and cut them out and glue them together. 

The beginning of the house. I tried really hard to match the scale of the picture, but I also did not want to make it to large, so my house is smaller than the picture of the house i am copying. 

The roof I used store bought plastic that i cut up into strips and glued on then painted black. 

This is when I just finished the paper brick and started to paint it red, then I dry brush on black paint and some grey paint to make them look realistic. 

Once the roof was painted black, I added a metallic golden bronze, and some rust colored paint to give it the look of rusted metal tin roof.

I spent about 1/2 hour hitting the plastic to make holes and a knife to cut areas to make it look like the rust ate thought the metal. 

I had so much fun starting to stain the carpet.  But the most fun was creating the Wood Paneling on the walls.  I forgot to attach a picture.  But I just used a ruler and used a black pen to push a deep groove in the wood and then I stained the walls with brown paint and dry brushed on some black paint to make it look old and dirty. 

This is how I made the mini mattress for the house. I found a shirt in my closet that had the small lines in it. I then cut a square out. 

I then used my sewing making and sewed it to the rough shape I needed to cover the foam square i cut out. 

I then got a needle and thread and stitched in the indentations in the mattress, then I custom built the bed frame for the house.  My house is smaller then the original and a normal twin bed would not fit and was to big, thus leading me to have to create my own bed. 

This is where I am antiquing mini newspapers i printed and cut out, they will go in the windows of the house.

I love the Playboy Magazines.  I think they look really real.  I think I will make alot of these to sell at the Convention this summer, since nobody else seems to be making them and I think they would be a big hit and people would buy them. 

The caps are from Model Glue bottles that I thought i could create the mini pill bottle from.  So I cut them up.  I thought the tops looked like a pill bottle lid.

Once cut, I added hot glue to each end, then I cut out some newspapers i had already printed and glued to the bottles.  Next time I will spend the time reprinting mini pill bottle labels. 

My finished pill bottles. 

My little Hot Plate I built.  I used to mini metal cookie sheet that i cut off the side handles and put a piece of wood between, then painted black and added to metal looking knobs and 2 washers to the top. This was one of my last projects and I hurried through it since I was getting tired. I know i could have done better, but I was sick all weekend while building this and I wanted to go to bed. 

I just started to make these mini vases out of beads.  I was seeing how fast I could make them so if it would pay to sell them at the Convention this year.

These are the mini decorative jars i made out of beads, it only took me about 1 hour to make these 12 vases.  I still have determined if i can make them fast enough to be profitable. 

The mini bathroom.


  1. You say only 2 weeks to finish? You are a generator of ideas! It would have taken me 2 years! Very interesting and spontaneous project. Love all details and thoughts behind. You sacrificed your shirt for a mini mattress! - this is what I do with my DH's shirts too. In a word - very impressive work! Good luck during the Convention. Mini hugs, Natalia

  2. Im just so impressed! I think this is the one of the best one of your little houses..though I do like the brick one this one is very real looking.


  3. hoi Stan,
    ik vind je house te gek en hoe je de beschrijving erbij doet heel leuk.
    ik heb van jou je handdoeken dak afgekeken voor mijn boerderijtje dat op mijn blog staat, dank je wel voor de goede tip.
    ga door met je leuke werk.
    Groetjes Marja

  4. Great project, I especially like the rusted roof and the newspapers in the windows.
    Your dirtying up the place is really affective- it gave me the heebie jeebies!

  5. You are wonderfully creative! I would like to learn how to do the miniature pictures.

  6. You are wonderfully creative! I would like to learn how to do the miniature pictures.