Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Old Country Church

 I got really bored the past couple of weeks and decided to try to build a church with some scrap shingles and scrap wood.  I ended up having to hand make the pews and podium inside the church since there really isn't anything out there for sale for the inside of churches and that would also fit inside the space.  I did have a ton of fun making all the mini bibles and hymn books, which is very relaxing for me when I am making them. 
 I was inspired to make the church when I found a large cross at a thrift store, which when looking at it I was inspired to create a church around the cross.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures and have a Fantastic February.  Stan

I spent so many hours adding different layers of paint and crackle finish paint to give the old weathered paint look.  I really like the look of the cracks in the paint.  









  1. Great looking project. You are a machine! The Bibles and hymnals turned out great. You may have to build an organ so the congregation doesn't have to sing a Capella. The weathered crackle finish looks great. I think my favorite part is the oval window! Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Stan,

    Wow your building speed and skills are amazing, love how your church turned out. Here I am building a brick church which is gonna take me a whole year to build... or so I think (secretly hope) LOL ;p
    I must admitte I love those litte wooden churches overhere we don't have wooden churches. It's Always brick, suppose it has something to do with the weather/climate. Amazing how a triftstore find can turn into a miniature piece of art. Wishing you a great February and can't wait to see what's up next! greetings AM

  3. Hello Stan,
    Another amazing project. The church is fantastic. The exterior is so beautiful and as always your aging is unbeatable. The interior is perfect. I love the pews and the bibles are such a great touch. It is simple, beautiful and most importantly, believable.
    Excellent work my friend.
    Big hug

  4. Speechless a beautiful and amazing project.

  5. Luv this small town church! So intimate with the cakes and such! You did an awesome job! Would they need a wood stove?

  6. Oh my goodness what agreat project stan you are so talented

  7. This is Great Work, Stan! This actually FEELS like the the interior of an old country church building both inside and out. Your attention to the details is once again INCREDIBLE! :D


  8. Hi Stan, another amazing build! I love how you can age a building so authentically. The little books and bibles are a superb touch.
    All the best

  9. Oh my what a wonderful job you have done. The outside weathering has come out perfectly.

  10. Oh, and I can't believe I missed this post!! It is amazing! All those little hymnals.... how do you do it Stan????? This is just like all the little churches in the back woods of New England....! LOL! I live the worn clapboards... all the pews lined up! WOW!!! You never cease to amaze me!

  11. Absolutely beautiful work inside and out.