Monday, March 28, 2011

My new Gnomes House I started working on this weekend.  I will send more photos hopefully next week, when I have a chance to work on it again.

To help hid the frames of the windows and doors I decided to add some stones around them.

Ya hoo my Mushrooms look pretty good for my first ones.

I decided to take a nap after putting in the windows and the doors, and during my nap I had an idea, and decided I would add mushrooms to the side of the House. As you see I questimated where I would place them and hot glued on some more cardboard. I then added tinfoil to add bulk, so that the paper mache would dry and not be so thick.  Lets hope it turns out ok, this is my first attempt at making a Mushroom.

I decided to add a unusual fire place chimney, more cardboard and a hanger and tin foil.

I cut off the top for access into the Gnome Home.

Adding the windows and doors.

Cutting out the windows and doors.

I started the Gnome House with making a cardboard surface that I added paper mache to form.  I then let air dry overnight, and once dry I then remove the cardboard and start to build the home.


  1. Exciting! What progress, you certainly are speedy but detailed with it! The mushrooms will be brilliant . I love the style of it, It looks like it could hang from a tree itself! Your living room looks pretty wonderful too, I like to be noisy and see the surroundings you work in!! Kate

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see the interior for this. I love your work :)

    Victoria ❤

  3. Hi Stan. I´m a new follower of your blog and love what you have done so far. Looking forward to follow your work. I´v put a link to your blog on Obsidian Hall :0)

  4. Fabulous !!! Keep on creating !!!!!!!!!!

  5. I just love this, it's so different and wonderful! I'd love to make a witch's hut with some card and foamboard etc!

    Michelle :o)

  6. What nice idea and what great job!
    I'm new follower!
    Love from italy

  7. Wow, thanks to Kate I have discovered your blog and am absolutely in awe!
    i will have to make a cup of tea and sit and enjoy the rest of your blog. Such marvellous and inspirational work.
    Thank you so much for taking and sharing so many photographs of the house developing.

  8. I found you through Kate, too! And WOW!! Seeing your pictures makes me want to finish my treehouse... I love this little gnome house! Love the mushrooms and the chimney- 2 things I'm still trying to figure out how to work into my house! You make it look easy! So glad you are sharing these pictures with everyone! They're just awesome:) Can't wait to see what you do next:)


  9. Hi Paul, Awesome! Please keep up the teaching photos! You are using Paper Mache? Hmmm, I'll have try that! I only use paperclay! You might want to join us over at the yahoo Group Dream Dwellers, you will find a lot of like mineded builders!

  10. Wow ,wonderful!! Is really fantastic!! Hugs. Maria

  11. Whaou!!! Quel plaisir de découvrir ce blog! J'adore!!!

  12. This is awesome!!! I would love to try to make a little house like that some day.

  13. clever clever you! how smashing that looks!