Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yes a picture of me working in the kitchen on one of the six row houses I am building that I was inspired by NewYork Style houses, and possibly even Shot Gun Houses like in New Orleans

Hi Everyone, I am so sorry for my 7 month Respite on not posting any updates on new houses I have created.  It has been a busy year with a nice Royal Carribean Cruise Vacation, and many Projects around the house.  I currently am working on preparing for the upcoming Denver Miniature Sales Show coming up in September 2015.  Since last year my houses were a hit at the sales show I am trying to prepare as many as I can to sale this year.  I just finished 6 miniature houses this past month in which I am calling my Run Down Row Houses.  I have had a lot of trouble trying to download the pictures of the work I did building these houses so some of the pictures are out of order.  I usually try to have the pictures from start to finish, but they are backwards today.  I hope you like them.   I tried to go for a 90 year old abandoned house look for each home.  I decided not to put wallpaper in the houses this time and minimal furniture since most people who bought my houses last year redecorated the insides anyway.  Plus its a time and cost saving measure I am taking to be able to sale the houses at a lower price. 
 I have about 96 pictures below for you to look at.  I enjoyed doing an Assebly Line Production in making all 6 houses at the same time to try to get enough built before the show.  I hope these houses inspire you to build or create one of your own.  I hope you all have a wonderful month. 




  1. I cant believe you built so many adorable houses in such a small time. I wish I had that kind of motivation. Next time why not show a video of you going from one house to another!

  2. Hi Stan! I LOVE your row of houses and having them all lined up really makes for an impressive display! I am blown away by all that you have achieved in such a short time which means that you must have been going full out on this project. The houses are all adorable and I know that your customers will be thrilled. I am surprised by how much room is in each one. They appear small on the outside but not an inch is wasted inside or out! Well Done! :D


  3. Hi Stan, the houses, especially standing in a row are just a sight to behold. They are very impressive, it's just like having a little glimpse of a quaint village! Thank you for sharing the pictures, they are so inspirational!
    All the best

  4. They are adorable! Thank you for sharing and I wish you well at the show!

  5. P.s., on a previous post about, Hagrid's house, you mentioned how you would like to learn how to make mini light fixtures. I don't know if you've seen it or not, but in the movie, 'Paranorman' there is a bonus feature where they show, from start (the concept drawing) to finish, how they made the desk lamp for the library. It is amazing! They hand blow the glass for the lamp shade. I don't know if this helps or not.

  6. Wow, Stan, you have been busy!!! I Love the row houses! The whole idea of making many of the "same" but they are all different... it is such a great idea! You work wonders with your aging techniques. And each little house is so completely furnished too! You are amazing!!!

  7. WOW!!! Stan, they are amazing! But... what are you going to sell on Saturday and Sunday? 'Cause I doubt these are going to make it past preview night. :) Looking forward to seeing you at the show, and I have a box of "stuff" for you at the store. You do great work. Keep it up! You are awesome!

    - Wendy

  8. Hi Stan, I love the color palette on them. Very lovely. You work fast! These are little gems! Wonderful sculpting on that paperclay brick & stone!

  9. Hello Stan,
    AMAZING! The level of detail you can create in such a short time blows my mind! The houses are all fantastically detailed and all very beautiful. I am just amazed! Your exterior finishes on the house are magnificent!
    Well done. Big hug