Monday, May 28, 2012

Mothers Day weekend was also a very busy weekend.  I was having a dinner party on Saturday when I decided I wanted to use the leftover paint and flooring from when I redid my master bathroom and redid my bathroom down stairs.  I started pounding out the old floor tile, repainted the walls, built a frame around the mirror, put in new wood flooring, new wood floor molding and wall molding, and painted the light oak cabinet white.  My OCD is going crazy, this is what happens when I haven't worked on a miniature project in weeks.

I just wanted to show off the two flower arrangements I made for the two disabled gentlemen I take care of, so they can give to their mothers tomorrow.  Nothing like redoing a bathroom and making flower arrangements, and cooking dinner for the dinner party.  No wonder Ive been sick with a major cold, my body is exhausted.

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