Monday, May 28, 2012

I finally found time to work on a new miniature house.
This is how I would image a mouse living in a clock.  It would collect many items to survive a cold winter.

I went to the thrift store last weekend and found this clock.  The pendulum didn't work when I brought it home.  Then I was inspired and thought it would make a perfect Mouses House.  I only took me 3 night after work to complete.  I just added some wood plank flooring and some electrical lights and filled it with lots of stuff.    I don't know if ill be able to build anything this next month, since I will be planning my annual Rock Hunting Camping Trip to Idaho to see my family at the end of June.  But you just never know with my OCD when Ill be inspired to work on a new Miniature.  Have a Wonderful Month Everyone!

It has the little coal stove to cook and heat the mouses house, plus the veggies the mouse is growing.

The mouse is setting the table, preparing for company.

This is the mouses craft / storage room.

One of my favorite things is this little match stick house on the left.

Its hard to see the sewing machine in the back.

There is a ladder in the back to lead to the clock area, were there is an imaginary bedroom.

My office at work, with lots of paperwork to complete.  My new Mouse House Clock is off to the right, so I can be inspired to thing of many more Miniatures I can create.


  1. Hello Stan,
    I LOVE it. This project just brings out the kid in me. It's such a great idea and such a charming story for the clock.
    Wonderful idea.

  2. I wish I had some of your OCD, that clock is awesome!!

    Marisa :)

  3. I love your mousehouse in a clock. I just won a little mouse at a Give-Away and i have a half built mouse house, so now i have to finnish it.