Sunday, October 2, 2011

This is what I started working on for my English Gnome Cottage.  I am going to use a wood base to create the Cottage and add the Paper to it to design the stones and thatched grass roof, so that once im done the plaster i use to mold the house wont destroy the home.
 Now use your imagination and picture stones covering the whole Cottage and the roof design will change significantly to where it flows like the Cottage in the pictures below.  The front little room sticking out in the front of the Cottage will come off, but i designed it so once i complete the outside i can make a mold out of the house easier.  I think its a pretty good design and big enough, but not to big for people to hopefully want to buy one of the finished Cottages.  So this is the beginning of the Proto-Type. 
I cant wait to get started! 
I cant get started for about 3 weeks!  Which is sad, but good. 
I am going on a Real Vacation for the first time in many years.  I am going on two week vacation and going on a Cruise to Belize, Grand Cayman, Isle of Roatan, Cozumel,  plus i get to see Florida for my first time also.  I cant wait only 14 more days until i go.  The best part of all I will be accompanied by 19 family members, my mom, my sisters, and one of my brothers his wife and my sisters husbands.  My sister Bonnie is getting married at Belize, and it is also her 50th birthday.  I also get to spend time with my Twin sister Penny.  I'm so excited i cant wait.  Preparing for the Cruise thou is tiring me out, i finally have a house sitter for the dogs, which my daughter will give all the medications and diabetes shot daily. Now i just have to find a live in Respite Sitter for the two disabled gentlemen that i take care off.  Hopefully i get this done soon,
Ill post pictures on my progress on the new English Gnome Cottage as soon as i can maybe in about a month, plus hopefully some pictures of my vacation
Have a Great Week everyone.


  1. The house is beautiful! I'm curious to follow the progress of your project. :)

  2. Exciting! I am using my imagination but can't wait to see yours! looking forward to seeing your progress!