Monday, March 21, 2011

This is my first project made with paper clay.  I just discovered the miniature blog sites while browsing the Internet, and i ran across a blog with a miniature of Hagrids Hut from Harry Potter, the person said they spent about 2 years in building the home, i created this one in 3 weekends on my days off.  I don't have a long enough attention span to work on the same project for two years.  I have got to say i loved my first experience with paper clay, and i did the best i could making the interior, lights etc.  I had fun also making the veggies out of regular clay, and my little man eating plant in the front yard.  So this is my version of another persons version of Hagrids Hut.  I don't believe in perfection, and i do find myself rushing to get things done, i always believe an imperfection can be covered with paint or an item in front of the imperfection.


  1. I think this is the best work you have created yet. I think your work is amazing. You are truely talented!! Nicki S.

  2. I love this house its totally wonderful, the inside is so cosy and youve detailed it beautifully! Cant wait to see more. If this is your first time with paperclay then WOW!!! Kate

  3. Hello Stan! Thanks for following my blog, as you can see I returned the visit! ah ah!
    I'm perfectly okay with you, perfection does not exist!
    rather, we must do our best to get a good result, and after several tests, finding the right solution.
    but this does not mean to wait too long!

    I greatly admire your work, for three reasons:
    1 - this hobby is usually the preserve of women, and instead you're a man, and I might even marry you for this! :)) my husband can not do anything like that, nor is he fond of miniatures ...
    2 - I find that working paper mache is much more difficult than working with wood, because you know even shape it!
    wood, apart from the problem of gears and precision, after all, just paste, sand and paint ...
    3 - you are quick, easy, secure your movement. perhaps this stems from your experience?

    Finally, you have a lot of imagination, I like the idea of the house of the gnomes!
    with this, I salute you and I do my best compliments.
    I wish you many more followers to your blog, you deserve it all!
    a hug from far Italy!

    PS: You have a beautiful dog! :))

  4. Welcome to Blogosphere!! What a wonderful first attempt with paperclay, it's wonderful stuff to work with.

    I love your Hagrid's Hut and there are many Harry Potter fans in Blogoshpere. :o)

    Perfection is not something I do either...because there are few things in real life that are!

    Michelle :o)

  5. Your work is really stunning !The Hagrid hut is wonderful and I think many other H.Potter fans would like to have such a house.But I'm totally in love with your gnome house.I envy you to have a house like that!Jeannette

  6. hello stan...
    love te hut...thanks for following...
    i love Harry Potter..

  7. Hi, Stan! Thanks for visiting Briarwood Miniatures. I'm glad you did because I was able to follow you here to your blog! Wow, you do amazing work. Really enjoyed seeing it and I'm following now so I can keep up with your new works.


  8. This is simply, incredible! :)

    Welcome to blogland, I am now following you as well. :)

  9. I'm with you on the cover the imperfections! and there are many on my houses lol.... and mistakes can be turned into new designs! hahahaha!!! this is great!