Hagrid's Hut (some before photos)

I could only find a few pictures of Hagrid's Hut while i was working on it, to show some of the process.

The Stone Sides before i added the moss around the stones.

And of course i build all my projects in the kitchen or on the living room floor, i have to be within view of the TV since i am addicted to it also.

This is my favorite time when i am building a house, it installing the electricity and wiring it.

I dont like my floors, this was the first time with the paper clay and i made the lines too deep for the wood boards, and when it dryed they seperated really wide, so i filled in the deep grooves with plaster, and then covered the floor with lots of furniture to hide the ugly floor.

I found a wood box top which i thought would be nice to put the house on.  This way it would be small enough to fit on my desk in my office at work.

My mind never stops looking at normal everyday things in our lifes, to see if it can be turned into something miniature.  The back porch light is made from the top of a Silver Salt Shaker.  I also have an interior light made out of the Silver Pepper Shaker.  This helped me keep the cost down on buying new light fixtures.  One day i would love to learn how to make professional light fixtures.