Thursday, September 21, 2017

Yellow Beach Cottage

 Hi everyone, it was a very busy couple of months and I have been madly creating many houses.  While i was building the previous Gothic Stone Mansion  i was also working on two other houses in-between this one the Yellow Beach Cottage and a Blue Cottage House.  I finished these two houses at the end of August.  I think this one turned out really charming.  I am really starting to like the shingles i create out of the hard cardboard i use and loving using all the Popsicle sticks i use for the flooring and walls.  I have some pictures below of the wood floors before i painted them, i almost loved them with the plain light wood color.  But maybe one day i will leave them natural color.  I hope you all enjoy.  I have to post some more houses i completed this month also so i am being quick and short typing.  Have a beautiful week.  Stan

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