Thursday, September 21, 2017

Brick Church

 This is my latest project that I finished this past month called the Brick Church.  I was inspired by a little Christmas Ornament that I found at a thrift store and thought, I so want to build this.  I think i am getting a little better with my brick work and making it look more realistic using the paper mache and all the cardboard shingle.  I believe this house is about 90% paper mache and 10% cardboard.  Then lots more Popsicle sticks for the flooring and walls.  Which this month i was almost over cutting the Popsicle sticks and lost count at over 600 cut for multiple houses i was working on.  Which lead to lots of blisters even using gloves when I am cutting, and except one mishap in which i was watching tv on the wall in the craft room while cutting the sticks and not paying attention and with a pair of old sizzors cut a one inch chunk out of my middle finger which took 3 days to stop bleeding since i cut it almost to the bone.  But I am a crafter and accidents happen so i just bandage up and keep working.
I tried my best to create the windows out of the heavy duty cardboard i use, but i did try to make the windows out of wood and used stain glass paint on it thinking it would look good.  But the final look i completely hated and didn't use the windows i created out of wood.  I included pictures below of the first windows i tried to make out of wood.. It took me as long to create the windows as it did to build the church.  I also decided i didn't have the time or patience to create the church pews inside.  So i decided it was a church that someone bought to live in and furnished it as a house.  I hope you all like or get inspired by my latest creation.  Have a Wonderful Month.  Now i just have to find a new inspiration to work on.  I think i lost my creative inspiration this month. 
 The little Christmas Ornament i was inspired by to create the church.

 I do admit i made a big mistake building this church and trying to create it from the small inspirational Christmas ornament.  I built the roof line to low and the walls an inch to short.  Because the arched windows i forgot they would have a 1/2 inch trim around them which the top part of them was cut off since the roof was in the way.  Live and learn.  I didn't even realize i would run into this until 2 days before i was done building the church, since i do trim work very last after all the brick work. 

 Still just loving the craft room i created out of the spare bedroom to work on my miniature houses.  So convenient to just leave all the crafting supplies out and walk away when I'm not working on them. But i do admit i miss creating my houses off the living room coffee table watching movies on the big tv. 
 The original stain glass wood windows i tried to build that i completed hated the look.  So they are now buried deep in a drawer. 


  1. El trabajo de la piedra y las tejas es fabuloso,admiro su aspecto realista,es increíble! y el interior resulta precioso!!!!

  2. Great job, The brick and shingles look great. I like the arched windows that you ended up with. Keep up the good work - Troy

  3. Hello, Greg! You have wonderful houses. Each house is unique and has its own atmosphere. Brick walls are so real that it's hard to believe that this is a miniature. I admire your work. Hugs, Julia