Thursday, September 21, 2017

Blue Cottage

 This is the second little house i was working on in between working on the Gothic Stone Mansion.  I really enjoyed working on 2 houses at the same time as i was working on the 3rd house.  It gave me a chance to walk away when i became bored on working on them, or gave me a chance to work on them when i found free time during the day or a late night.  I do admit i get inspiration and at times its inspiration on multiple house to create.  This Blue Cottage i think is one of my newest favorites for the small size and since it is created using all cardboard, from the cardboard siding and shingle.  plus cant forget the hundreds of Popsicle sticks i cut to create the floors and the wall unit in this house.  I like the wall unit i created out of popsicle sticks so much i think i might want to build more for other house projects.  But it adds about 2 days to create just the wall unit, which i can create a whole house in a week in about 40 to 50 hours.  So i do have my time constraints on amount of time i work on a house... I try to limit the time i spend on each house so i can keep the prices low when i sell them once a year at the miniature show.  On this house at the last minute when i was almost done building it i decided it needed a loft area, so i hurried and created it and a little match stick ladder.  I think it gave it more of a rustic cabin cottage look.  I hope you enjoy this house it one of my favorites i might have a hard time parting with since i think its so adorable and plus since i have never kept one of my creations for myself.  I can see keeping this one to use during all seasons to display.. Such as covering it in snow for Christmas Time and putting in a Christmas Tree and decking it out for the holidays.  Have a Wonderful Week... Big Hugs to all of you.... Stan

 I really love the look of the finished wood look from all the Popsicle sticks in the tiny house.


  1. Fantástico trabajo!! Has estado muy productivo,los colores de la fachada me encantan y su interior es tan acogedor...has hecho,como siempre,un gran trabajo,enhorabuena!!!

  2. Hello Greg,

    I am going through your 3 posts...all 3 buildings are magnificent and superbly done. As usual your finishes are phenomenal, but I think this is my favorite of the 3. The space is used so well, I love the color scheme, and the built in wall is absolutely gorgeous!!! I really love it. Well done my friend.
    Big hug