Sunday, January 15, 2017

Merchantile Store and Gas Pump

Hi everyone, I had spent almost 4 months not building any miniature houses to take a break, but I was going crazy from boredom and was inspired by the picture on the right to build my own Mercantile Store.  I created the house out of a ton of cardboard and paperclay for all the bricks, lots of popsicle sticks for the porch floors and interior floors and match sticks for all the railing spindles.  I think one of my favorite things to create was the vintage gas pump out front of the building, which I scoured my junk drawers and boxes to find small pieces that might all go together to create the gas pump.  I just wanted to share my latest project to hopefully inspire others.  I did get to inspired building this house I again forgot to take a lot of step by step pictures. Have a wonderful month everyone!  Stan 

The only picture I found that inspired me to create the building from. 

The house painted brown base color before I paint on the crackle paint, and then the white paint on top of the crackle paint once its dry, then I wipe on and smear it with a watered down brown paint to give it a dirty aged look.

all the little pieces I found to create the gas pump from.  Then painted red, printed up some small gas station signs to glue on and then aged with some brown paint. 


  1. Hi Stan! Your mercantile and gas pump are Great! Love the wrap around porch which for me brings a flavor of the Old West to this building. I think that your composition of different components to make the gas pump is Amazing!
    I always love looking at your work, and I am happy to see that you are back at it once again. :))


  2. The building looks very realistic and old,well done! Greetings

  3. Hi Stan,
    By chance, I found your blog on the Internet. I was immediately impressed by your houses you did. Everything looks so realistic. I have linked you to our blog, so I can now regularly look at you. Perhaps you visit our blog, our small group. We would be glad.

    LG Alexandra

  4. Your productivity is amazing and the results so beautiful. Can I ask how you created your lovely store sign? I am currently trying to finish a quilting shop in 1/12th scale (based on a Greenleaf Willowcrest kit) and it needs a sign for the front and I don't know how to tackle it. I'm hoping I can do something with my PC and printer as I wouldn't be able to hand paint one.

  5. I'm new to your blog! I absolutely love your miniature work! Amazingly talented!