Friday, May 27, 2016

San Fransisco House Made from Cardboard

 Hi Everyone I completely forgot to post pictures of the first Cardboard House I created last month in April.  I was inspired by a picture I found on the right that another miniature enthusiast had created.  So I had to try and see if I could make the San Francisco looking house myself using cardboard.  It took me about 2 weeks to complete in my free time and Days of cutting cardboard strips with scissors.  I thought my fingers were going to fall off with thousands of cuts to create the siding and windows and shingles.  Ii didn't want to make an exact copy of the house but to give it my own touch.  I think it turned out really cool looking and is so lightweight and the cardboard is so sturdy and hard once it was glued down.  I really loved using the cardboard, it was a great medium to use.  I hope you all enjoy! 

Me trying to get my walls to look like the small picture I had to create the house from. 

One small pile of cardboard strips and hours of cutting. 


  1. Oh Stan, you would never believe that this gorgeous house was made from cardboard! It's so beautifully detailed, it's really exquisite.
    All the best

  2. I agree,this house is amazing!and the thought that it's made out of cardboard...!I just love this house, like all the others.

  3. This is a stunning house!

  4. Realmente fascinante e impresionante!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hello Greg,
    It looks wonderful. I would never have guessed that you can get such an amazing and realistic finish with it. Fantastic work!
    Big hug

  6. At last, someone creating out of cardboard! Am interested in how you did the basic box. What kind of cardboard? Did you glue slabs of cardboard together? I started a minihouse years ago and am still trying to get it finished. Three layers of single corrugations glued together to cut the walls and floors from. Paper mache everything inside and out. Paint several layers with gesso and then whatever colors you choose! The paper mache is taking a long time. Love yours! Would like to see more of how you constructed your houses. Thanks! Deanna

  7. Having just been to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago (as a visitor from England) I think your house is amazing. I loved all the Victorian houses and wish I could make one too.

  8. Greg so amazed at your creations!!!! I must tell you when I was about 12 years old, I found a pattern in a magazine, of how to make, a Barbie Doll House, out of cardboard. For me, at the time, this was a masterpiece of accomplishment and was so proud of myself. I was told by my Mother after finishing making my Barbie Doll House, I was to old to play with Barbie Dolls. So the next day I went to school and came home to find my Barbie doll collection to be gone and my beautiful cardboard Barbie doll house gone. I was told that she had thrown all of it away as I was too old for Barbie dolls and should not be using sharp tools. I was devastated to think she could be so cruel. This took place in 1976. I still think of my cardboard Barbie doll house and have often thought about trying to make one again. Just happened onto your web site and love, all of your work!!!!!!!! I have been vindicated by your work as well. I was criticized by my Mother for thinking that cardboard could produce something of worth!!!! I have never forgotten that experience ...... it has lingered with me my entire life. I have never seen miniatures made of cardboard...... perhaps I have just not been looking .....thank you for sharing your amazing talents.

    Leslie :)

    1. Wow. That was very mean of your mom! I hope you didn't let that destroy your creativeness.

    2. Dear Leslie. Let your creativity flow. It's very healing.💚 I suggest reclaiming what was mistakenly taken from you and letting the joy wash the past sadness away.
      Paper clay and cardboard houses are really fun to make! We don't all have to come up with something as polished as Gregg here. He's been doing this a while and has LOTS of practice. Seeing his houses are sure inspiring! 🏡 😀

      There's a YouTube channel called "Where the Nomes live" and she teaches how to build with cardboard as she shares her journey through her projects. Her instructions are great for beginners because she's not into perfection and her homes are very whimsical tho quite detailed. I'll post her link if I can, but look her up. Prayers for you 🙏 👩

      Thanks, Gregg, for sharing your beautiful houses with us. So much fun to see what you come up with next!!! Love the variety, size, details, designs, materials...all of it!! Truly inspired. God bless the work of your hands and your heart. 💚

  9. Your unbeliveably talented! Exquisite!

  10. My grandpa and I love making old houses. Can you tell me the length width and height you used for this?

  11. Hi do you have your templates I would love to make one for my disabled child thanks

  12. This blog is awesome and very informative keep Sharing this type of blog.


  13. Hi,
    I came across this post on Pinterest and was amazed by your art.
    Would you mind me recreating this in a cake form? I'm of course going to provide these images as inspiration out there and give credit to you.