Monday, September 28, 2015

Denvers Miniature Show 2015

This was me second time selling at the Denver Miniature Show and it was a blast.  This is right after I finished setting up the 4 tables and ready to go home to take a nap.  Thanks goodness for my two daughters helping haul the mini houses into the hotel.  I had just had colon surgery about 5 days before the show and wasn't able to lift anything over 10 pounds.  I thought I was going to pass out on the sales days from pain and exhaustion, but miniatures and shopping all the wonderful booths is so addictive it can get anyone through pain.  It was wonderful seeing a lot of the same people this year and new miniature enthusiast.  This year I think my favorite memory I have from the show was that I met a young man and his mom and I'm guessing he was around 12 or 14 years old and he was so full of questions of how I make each house and what I used when building the houses.  He was so intrigued with wanting to make miniature houses and I he would stop by each day at my table showing his newest project and mentioned how he would love to have the money to buy a house.  Well I wanted to inspire him to create a house of his own and since I saw he so truly loved miniatures I gave him a house.  At first I don't think he believed I was giving it to him, but I told him that I just wanted to inspire him.  I actually saw a lot of me in him with wanting to build small houses and different miniatures when I was that age.  But it gives me much happiness to give rather than sell my work.  I do wish I could afford to give all me houses to the wonderful people I meet, but then I would have money to make more houses if I didn't sell them.  Pass it on is what I always try to inspire in other people, Id pretty much give a person the coat off of my back if they needed it, or such as my cooking, I love cooking and creating new dishes and desserts and love to surprise neighbors or the ladies I used to work with, by taking them lots of food to eat!   


  1. Hello Stan,
    Congratulations! your table looks fantastic! Your work is not only perfect doen to the slightest detail, but each piece is unique and there is so much variety in your imagination. I wish I could have seen it. I think you did a beautiful thing and it will help keep the hobby growing amongst young people.
    Big hug,

  2. Hi Stan
    Wow! Your stand looks amazing!! And your buildings are gorgeous, and so can you bear to be parted from them :)
    You did a wonderful thing in inspiring that little boy....he will never forget such kindness - that type of gesture never gets lost!
    All the best and take care of yourself.