Monday, August 24, 2015

 Mountain Cottage House- This is part of my 5 August Houses I have completed.  This mountain cottage was completed with a 2nd mountain house cottage I build together.  I was so inspired and my creative juices were flowing this month.  On this house and its companion house I uses all the left over bits of wood and windows I had left over from years of projects.  I also started using lots of popsicle sticks for the flooring on these two houses which led me to use the popsicle sticks for flooring and walls on other projects.  I made this house and the other house in a 7 day period.  I have been home with a medical condition having a ton of pain in which I can sit on the edge of the couch hunched over just for comfort.  So I figure if that's the position I am in I might as well build some houses on the coffee table in front of me.  I spent 10 hours alone just doing the landscaping on both houses.  The little flowers came from the Dollar Store in which they were part of larger flowers that I cut apart for the mini flowers.  some of the trees are ones that I bought at the dollar store during Christmas time and then added glue too them and dipped them in the green landscaping fluff stuff to give them a shrub realistic look.  The other large pine trees I did buy from the model train store.  I am trying to give a more realistic look to the landscaping.  I really am starting to like the look I am getting using wood and paper clay together for a more realistic looking house. 

These are the 2 house together. 

Before landscaping. 

Trying to do the electrical system in the house from left over electric items.  and trying to do it with no money and creative ideas. 

As you can see here I even made paper clay stones and boulders for the landscaping. 

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  1. Hello Stan,
    I think this might be my favorite project of yours to date. It is so beautiful, the finishes are all perfect, and the cottage is so warm and welcoming. The house is wonderful but your exterior scenes are just as impressive.
    Big hug,