Monday, August 24, 2015

Box Room Display I made this weekend 8/23/2015!  This is my first Box Room Display I have ever made.  It took me about 3 days to put together.  I had so much fun trying to make it from varieties of scrap wood and my Favorite- Popsicle Sticks.  Miniature Store wood and flooring is so frikin Expensive and using popsicle sticks is so easy and fun to use and also Inexpensive.  The funny this is I had bought the back wall unit years ago and had actually spent about 2 days filling in all the defects and spaces with wood putty and sanding to perfection, Just to paint it and age it and make it look old and weathered, so I went a completely different direction and could have saved days of work if I would have known I was going to distress it anyway.   I hope you like this project, it was so much fun and sort of nice not having to build a house to decorate an interior which is my favorite thing to do.

The little flower arrangements took me longer to put together than completing the interior decorations.  The 4 chairs in the center of the room and the table and grandfather clock were plastic models I also put together this weekend and since they were a tan color, I painted them black and then proceeded to paint the hutch, the blue chair and the desk black also so that all the furniture matched and also so they would coordinate with the black fire place. 

To get the distressed look on the walls and floor and ceiling I painted everything with a Watered Down Brown paint, which is more like staining the wood then painting it and you can see the wood grain through it.  I needed the darker color since I was going to use a Crackle Paint technique which you need a darker cooler on the base so it shows through the cracks.   Once the brown paint dries, I then paint on a Crackle Paint Product that is clear, which starts to dry in about 15 minutes, and when its tacky I then paint the White paint over top of it and let it dry, you can then see it start to crackle the paint.   Once that's dry I use a knife and start scrapping and roughing up the wood to give it a distressed look.   


  1. Love your roombox Stan! It has lots and lots of atmosphere as well as a shabby chic sophistication! :))


  2. Hello Stan,
    This is stunning. The room is beautiful and the finishes are amazing. Well done.
    Big hug,