Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tudor House..  I previously made this Tudor House Years ago and spent a lot of time building it.  But I no longer have room to store it.  So since it was to heavy with the cement water tunnels I had build under it to take it to the show to sell it.  I Cut it Apart and turned it into 2 separate Tudor Houses and new landscaping.  My favorite house I think I created years ago. But I had a lot of fun making mini Lighted Clocks out post outside made out of antique Christmas ornaments.  I have been so busy with working and taking a mini vacation I have been really bad at taking pictures along the way as I have created the past few houses and I apologize for that.  I hope you enjoy the new design of the old  Tudor Houses.  Big Hugs!    Stan.   Ok off the bed now!  

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  1. Hello Stan,
    Gorgeous! I am just in awe of not only your talent, but your incredible vision and imagination. Your projects are always amazing.
    Big hug,