Saturday, September 27, 2014

 New Cottage:  Hi everyone I hope your September is going wonderful!  At the Miniature Show a lady came up to me and asked if I did consignment work!  Then handed me this tiny picture of a cottage house from a company that actually builds these houses for people to live in. She said she would like for me to build the house for her.  I did say I had never done consignment work and would like to give it a try.  I did tell her that it would be a couple of months before I started it and I would let her know when I started.  But I couldn't wait a couple of months so I went ahead and started.  I decided not to let her know until I knew that I could build it to look like the picture.  Plus I'm not worried if she doesn't want to buy it cause I think its turning out really good and would sell at the show next year.  When I am done putting in the electrical lines and finishing the interior and landscaping I will surprise her.  She has chandeliers and lights and items she had in her childhood dollhouse she would like to incorporate into the interior.  So I will set up the wiring to were I can add her lights instantly.  I added a few of my own touches to the exterior, and added a couple of extra window shutters.  I did put the  Flintstone House on hold for now since I wanted to start this cottage.  I think my most favorite thing on this cottage so far are the wood shutters and wood door I made outta scrap wood, and the fake metal hinges I made out of cardboard.  I hope you like the progress ive made so far. 
I tried to be very creative with the roof.  I wanted a Slate Tile looking roof.  I created it from Egg Cartons I have been saving.  I think the slate tile roof shingles turned out Wonderful for using egg cartons that were free- since it would have cost me $50 in tiny wood shingles to cover the house.  But the labor of 3 hours to make the paper shingles almost would cost the same as buying them already make, but its the pride of making them vs buying them. 

This is the slate tiles right after I spent 5 hours hot gluing them into place.  Once they were done- I used Mod Pod Glue and covered them to make them hard and shiny to help make them look like slate.  I also took some diluted grey paint and painted some extra shingles to give more color variance.

It took me 3 Hours to tear the Egg Cartons apart that I saved.  3 Large cartons were used.  I could bearly move my fingers when I was done. 

Once all the paper was on and started to dry I painted it a light grey for all the grout areas. 

I think I spent around 7 hours just sculpting the stones and adding the paper stucco to the walls. 

The house once I put on the paper stucco which is about 1/2 inch thick.

Wood  version glued together.

Laying out my pattern to cut out of the sheet of wood.

I drew out the house on mat board then cut it out with a razor, then I taped it together for a dry fit, before I cut it out of wood. 



The tiny picture the lady at the miniature show handed me to see if I could build it for her. 


  1. Your talent is so awesome! The house looks even better than the picture although it is an exact replica. Yes, You will sell it!

  2. Un trabajo precioso,muy minucioso y atento al detalle!!El tejado es perfecto,las piedras labradas,dan una imagen muy real,la chimenea genial...todo me gusta,gran trabajo!!!!

  3. Oh wow! This is an amazing cottage Gregg, how wonderful to be asked to do such an exciting project. A lot of work and a lot of egg cartons but it certainly looks worth it. Thanks so much for all the detail of how you've put it together and finished it. It'll be very useful for sure.

  4. Oops, sorry Stan (Mr Gregg!), as soon as I hit the publish button I realised my mistake re your name :)

  5. Hi Stan! What a marvelous little cottage, and what a wonderful job you have done translating the small drawing that she gave you, into 3-D! I love the details of the stone chimney and the variety of angles in the roof. Your egg carton shingles were well worth the aching fingers that you were left with. :)) Terrific work.Stan!


  6. L o V E !!! wonderful job you did so far! :)

  7. Hello Stan,
    It is marvellous! A really cozy enchanting think I now of one lady who will be over the moon. The exterior is so beautifully rendered and so realistic. The shingles were totally worth the loss of mobility in your fingers for a is stunning work. When it comes to these small cottages, there is no one to touch you my friend. You have incredible talent I admire and respect very much.
    Big hug,

  8. I think the cat's out of the bag! Love this little cottage. You did such an awesome job! BTW, what do you mean by "paper stucco"?

  9. Wow! What a Gorgeous little cottage! You have done a Fantastic job with all the details! I am always so impressed with how quickly you work! You have really made a completely charming copy of that tiny picture!